Civilization VI Gets a Surprise iPad Port, With a Full $60 Price Tag

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Dec 22, 2017

Like all entries in the series, Civilization VI is a great chill-out game, and now you can kick back and play the game pretty much anywhere thanks to a newly-released iPad port. Civ VI seems like a perfect fit for tablets, but people may be put off by this new version’s price tag.

Surprisingly, Civilization VI will cost a full $60 on iPad, or at least it will after the game’s introductory period. It will only cost $30 until January 4, although that’s still mighty expensive for the iPad. Usually, when PC games are ported to the tablet, they’re reworked to be free-to-play, or cost (at most) $10 or $20.

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2K Games is handing Civilization VI iPad publishing duties to Aspyr Media, who insist the port’s $60 asking price is justified.

“It is rare for a premium game experience from PC/Mac to launch on iPad, and it’s important to note this isn’t a trimmed-down mobile version of Civilization VI. This is Civilization VI.”

In addition to providing the full Civ VI experience, the iPad port adds a variety of new tablet-friendly features, including:

  • New touch controls (tap units to select, drag to make them attack, pinch to zoom map, press and hold for tooltips, ect.)
  • Settings for map movement inertia and zoom sensitivity
  • Options to have the game confirm important actions
  • New iPad-specific advisor messages

On the flip side, Civilization VI does give up a few visual bells and whistle on iPad. Leader and Wonder-building animations have been cut, and strategic view is no longer available.

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So, is $60 for Civilization VI on iPad a reasonable value? This is the first time a mostly uncompromised Civ experience has come to a mobile platform (we only got the stripped-down Civilization Revolution games in the past), but it will still be a tough sell. Personally, I bought Civ VI for $60 on PC, and don’t see why the game should be inherently worth less on mobile, but I’m probably in the minority. What do you think?

This version of Civilization VI requires a fifth-generation iPad, iPad Air 2, or iPad Pro, and iOS 11.1.2.