Civilization VI: Gathering Storm Will Let the Swedes Cook Up a Cultural Victory

Civilization VI recently announced its second full expansion, Gathering Storm, which focuses on the environment and diplomacy, and now they’ve revealed another new civilization – Sweden led by Kristina. The Swedes are a relatively recent addition for the Civ franchise, first appearing in Civilization V. You can check out a video overview of Sweden, below.

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Ruler of Sweden from 1632 to 1654, Queen Kristina was one of the most widely-known and divisive figures of her time. She was also one of the most learned women of the 17th century, with interests in religion, philosophy, mathematics and alchemy. With Kristina at the helm, Sweden is all about Culture, with the unique Open-Air Museum and Queen’s Bibliotheque improvements and extra great engineer and great scientist points from factories and universities.  Here’s a complete rundown of what Sweden brings to Civilization VI:

Unique Improvement – Open-Air Museum

Limit one per city. Increases Loyalty, and boosts Culture and Tourism for each type of terrain in which at least one Swedish city has been founded.

Unique Building – Queen’s Bibliotheque

Constructed as a second tier building within the Government Plaza, where it provides two Great Works slots of Writing, Music, and any type of Art. Awards a Governor Title once completed.

Unique Ability – Nobel Prize

When earning a Great Person, Sweden receives additional Diplomatic Favor. Sweden gets extra Great Engineer points from Factories and extra Great Scientist points from Universities. Unlocks three unique World Congress competitions in the Industrial Era if Sweden is in the game.

Unique Unit – Carolean

Anti-cavalry unit unlocked in the Renaissance era. Replaces the Pike and Shot, has faster movement, and receives additional Combat Strength for each unused Movement point.

Kristina Unique Ability – Minerva Of The North

Allows Kristina to construct the Queen’s Bibliotheque building in the Government Plaza, and buildings with at least three Great Work slots and Wonders with at least two Great Work slots are automatically themed when all of their slots are filled.

A rather interesting new take on Sweden – the Civilization V version of the Swedes was much more focused on war and diplomacy. Firaxis has also announced Hungary, the Maori, Canada, the Inca, and Mali will be part of the Gathering Storm expansion.

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, will include a total of nine new leaders representing eight civilizations. The $30 expansion comes to PC on February 14.

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