Cities: Skylines’ Campus Expansion Hits the Books This Month

Cities: Skylines‘ next DLC pack is sending players back to school. The Cities: Skylines Campus expansion will let players diversify their city’s educational offerings by building universities, liberal arts colleges, or trade schools, as well as a variety of varsity sports arenas and new Academic Works. Of course, there will be a number of new pro-education policies you can set as well. You can check out a brief trailer for the Campus expansion, below.

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Here’s everything you can expect from the Campus expansion:

  • Degrees of Freedom - Design your own campus based on three area types - Trade School, Liberal Arts College and University. Increase reputation by attracting students and creating Academic Works to unlocking new buildings!
  • Var-City Sports - Bring college sports to your city by building football, basketball, baseball, track & field, and swimming arenas. Manage your teams, hire coaches, sell tickets -- and collect prizes for winning matches! Customize your teams with unique jerseys and increase their chances of winning with cheerleaders and coaches.
  • Syllabuster - Employ seven new policies including book fairs and for-profit education. Sponsor academic works by handing out research grants and supporting the staff. - We Fancy - Display your scientific achievements in Museums.
  • Cheers! - Celebrate with your citizens during graduation ceremonies.
  • Ludocartography 101 - Five new maps for your building pleasure.
  • Three New Chirper Hats - Be the big chirp on campus!

Cities: Skylines Campus will cost you $13 and will launch alongside a free update which will add new library buildings, industrial policies, of course, more tunes. Education isn’t something I’ve seen a city-building game focus on heavily before, so this is an interesting addition.

Cities: Skylines Industries arrives on PC on May 21. Cities: Skylines is also available on Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo switch, but the console versions are receiving expansions on a delay.

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