[Updated] CD Projekt Red: Nintendo NX “Will Be Fantastic” & “Spectacular”


[Update 1] In several tweets, Döhla has stated that all of the comments he made in the interview have been exaggerated on purpose. Of course this could merely be 'damage control', but take the interview with a grain (or a bag) of salt.

[Original] Although the Nintendo NX has yet to be revealed, the upcoming console from Nintendo will be “fantastic” according to Polish developer, CD Projekt Red.

The Nintendo NX remains a mystery machine at this point. Nintendo hasn’t revealed any details about their upcoming console, apart from the fact that they want to release the NX in March 2017. As expected, a lot of rumors regarding the console’s specs and design have surfaced over the last year, but all need to be taken with a bag of salt for now.

CD Projekt Red however, seems to know certain things about the NX that us ‘common’ people don’t, judging from a recent interview with Rocket Beans TV.

In the interview, CD Projekt Red’s communications manager, Fabian Mario Döehla, was asked what he knows about the NX, and how its hardware would compare to the recently announced Xbox Scorpio.

According to Döehla, CD Projekt Red knows certain things about the NX, and it will be “fantastic”.

Host: What do you know about NX?

Fabian: It will be fantastic. As developer [CD Projekt] you get access to the hardware and everybody [at CD Projekt] is looking forward. We know things.

Host: Are you lying now?

Fabian: No, no.

Host: Sometimes I cannot tell if you are telling the truth or not.

Fabian: No, no! It was like this in the past as the Wii prototypes came in, back then called “Revolution”. It was so funny that in Japan they were all very excited at the developer studios of SEGA, they thought it was very good. The Europeans took a little longer. Like “Well, maybe this doesn’t work”, you know, because it was technically just a GameCube. It was not much more. But NX what you hear [of the developers] about NX is all very positive.

Compared to the recently announced Xbox Scorpio, Döehla believes it would be unrealistic to think that the NX will be able to match the Scorpio in terms of power. According to the communications manager, ‘power’ won’t ever be the main emphasis for Nintendo in the future.

Host: But the hardware will be much worse than the new Xbox.

Fabian: I think this will never again be the main emphasis in the future [for Nintendo]. Can it [NX] be better than the new Xbox? Take a realistic point of view: is Nintendo able to build a console that has got more power than Xbox?

Host: In theory it is possible.

Fabian: Affordable? Do they have the contacts to the industrial facilities, resources… [Shakes head several times in denial] And what would be the positive outcome? Who is going to develop games for it?

While Döehla didn’t want to reveal anything about Nintendo’s console, he did state that the console be will be “spectacular”.

Host: I see. But what kind of console will it be? Will it be a handheld? Or…

Fabian: It will be spectacular!

Host: *Jokingly* Nah, you know nothing. I’ll have a look in the chat.

Fabian: I’ll not make the mistake to reveal a console again. Not at this time.

Let’s hope that Nintendo’s NX will indeed be fantastic and spectacular since we would love to see a CD Projekt Red game on the console. More about the NX will be revealed later this year.

Thanks for the translation NintenGen.