Capture Double Exposure Photos and Videos – iPhone Tips

While time-lapse videos may be the best thing to have happened to smartphones these past couple years, double exposure adds quite a shine to the creative part of the equation. The former helps you tell a narrative quickly, the latter helps you satiate your creative bits and share it with the world. Double exposure photos or videos are essentially a blend of two scene together in a single photograph. Traditionally, double exposure photographs are created by stacking negatives or blending multiple images in Photoshop. However, there are easier ways to accomplish similar results using your iPhone.

Create double exposure photos / videos:

A free tool to create double exposure photos and videos on your iOS devices is Fused app. You can download Fused : Double Exposure, Video and Photo Blender for free from the App Store. The ways of creating double exposure photos or videos are same and quite easy as you can see from the images and guidelines below.

Once installed, you can start by selecting multiple images, videos, or both after giving the app access to the camera Roll. After you have chosen the your images or videos, you can blend them together using the Blend tool. Choose any filter to apply; adjusting filter's intensity is also possible using the scale.

Once you have blended and filtered your image, you can further edit your double exposure image or video using the Adjust tool. Edit contrast, exposure, or brightness of the images if you want to tweak them further. You can then perfect your images using the Mask tool. This tool is particularly important in the process to create double exposure photos and videos as it helps you bring the image together. Erase areas of the image or paint more, it is all up to you. There is also an Arrange tool to let you flip or mirror your images.

After you are done with the creative process and are happy with it, you can save it locally on your device or share it with your friends using the social media networking sites icons. Let us know how does this creative process go for you or if you have any other favorite tools to create double exposure photos and videos on iOS.

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