Call of Duty Black Ops III Confirmed with Trailer – Full Reveal on April 26




Activision has confirmed Black Ops III as the official title of the Call of Duty 2015 under development at Treyarch. No details regarding setting, story and any multiplayer aspects were revealed, but the teaser promises a full reveal and information coming later this month on April 26.

The announcement came a bit earlier than expected, following a recent update of Black Ops II, that indicated a possible reveal for the next iteration, As we have previously covered the next installment of the hugely popular series will not be World at War II, as many fans were expecting. This might be a little disappointing for some, that were looking forward to going back to the WWII setting. It's true that a change of pace would be nice at this point, with all the exoskeleton and double jump movement available in recent shooters.

I do recall however the same kind of attitude when Call of Duty was using the WWII setting, with many complaining that it was overdone. I guess we can expect Treyarch next title to take us back to WWII. Call of Duty Black Ops III, is the first Treyarch Call of Duty developed title, after the change to a 3-year development cycle, so we can expect some nice results from the talented studio.

The next Call of Duty will be Different than previous games, with unique movement

As it has been previously mentioned, the new Call of Duty title will be quite different than previous games with a specific mention regarding the movement. This could indicate a more futuristic setting, that could involve zero gravity environments or something else entirely.

We will keep you informed with anything new regarding Call of Duty Black Ops III, including full coverage of the reveal on April 26. Be sure to check out our previous articles for more information on Call of Duty, here and here.