Call of Duty 2015 Will be Different than Older Games

Activision announced that they would be releasing a Treyarch developed Call of Duty game this year. Treyarch has created the Black Ops series, and rumors suggest that a new Black Ops title is in development.

Seeing as Activision usually reveals their new Call of Duty title around May, an announcement is likely to be coming soon. Industry insider Shinobi602, released two new tweets regarding the new iteration in the Call of Duty franchise. He mentioned that the new title will not be like previous games, and in response as to whether ex-suits will be making a return, he replied that  "Movement will be a little different than Advanced Warfare”


There can be many different turns that the new Call of Duty could take in order to provide something different. Shinobi602' teases could indicate some sort of alternate movement like zero gravity, or underwater, or even a futuristic mech take. These do seem rather extreme of course, but a Call of Duty Space Warfare (or Lunar), wouldn't be too bad, would it? Or underwater navy seals missions that could take you into secret underwater bases, with a lot of water effects to show off the new engine and shiny graphics. Future Warfare wouldn't be too bad either.

Regardless, joking aside, Shinobe602, certainly  peeked our interest as to what his statement "It won't be like other games" could mean. Treyarch is a very capable developer for sure, and it would be really exciting to see what they have in store. If a May announcement is indeed coming, it would please Call of Duty fans, followed by some nice gameplay footage and even a hands-on at E3 2015 in mid-June.

We will bring you any new information regarding call of Duty as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime you can check out our previous Call of Duty coverage, here and here.



source: paradiger

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