Black Ops 3 Clues Surfaced in Snapchat?


There's a viral video campaign that just might hold some very interesting clues about the possible upcoming Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Black Ops 2 has apparently been updated with little Snapchat ghost "QR code" icons that add Call of Duty as your friend in Snapchat.

Black Ops 3 might have a viral marketing campaign on the way. 

If you're still playing Black Ops 2 on console, it received an update on Monday that seemed to have added some Snapchat friend request codes in hidden areas. A few individuals think that this may be the start of a viral marketing campaign aimed at introducing Black Ops 3 in the coming weeks or months. 

Sure enough, there has been a video released via that Snapchat account that has some strange details. Within a 10 second video we can see a wooden area where the shadows cast a roman numeral III as a mesmerizing voice tells us to listen to the sound of their voice.

So what could this possibly mean for the release of the next Call of Duty? Is this an elaborate scheme or could it really be the beginning of the reveal of Black Ops 3? Does this video reveal anything at all, and is that really the roman numeral III? It sure looks like it, though that could just be a coincidence and this might be something completely different.

Either way, this is a unique marketing tactic. It certainly does create hype naturally by helping stimulate our own curiosity.