Bungie Wants To “Come Out Big” with Destiny 2 Event; Team Has The Whole Game at Home

Alessio Palumbo

We're only two days away from the greatly anticipated Destiny 2 event, where Bungie will pull the curtain on the sequel. Suddenly, the studio that became famous with Halo resumed their podcast after roughly three years of hiatus; they didn't reveal anything groundbreaking, of course, but they still couldn't avoid talking about the game and the upcoming gameplay premiere.

We have the whole game at home, in a private test realm, and we're playing the s*** out of it. That's actually pretty motivating because you can see the things that are going amazing and the things that are still rough.

We're not done, we've got plenty of work in front of us. If you were playing right now you'd see unnamed items and missing icons, but having a version of the game where you can sit on your couch and relax is great.

We actually had a Winter build at home during the Holiday period and the difference between that build and the actual one is so stark. It just, like, doubles in fun every two weeks.

Regarding the Destiny 2 event in particular, the developers said that publisher Activision is going all out with the setup. The venue is highly unusual for a game presentation, being the Jet Center Los Angeles in Hawthorne, California. Two giant aircraft hangars have been repurposed into an entire set of buildings, the likes of which have not been seen even at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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Bungie said that the build that's going to be played by community members and the press is already done. Obviously not every part of the game will be showcased, but they reckon it's a "pretty expansive set of content" for people to sample because the studio's goal is "to come out of the gates big".

They also said that the goal with this sequel will be to provide a unified player experience for hardcore fans and newcomers, bringing players together onto "steady ground".

Destiny 2 is easily one of the biggest games due in 2017. The keynote will start at 10AM Pacific Time on Thursday 18th, but it'll be much more than that with the game's PC and PS4 builds available for hands-on. Expect a lot of news and gameplay footage. Meanwhile, the community is speculating on yesterday's new artwork shared on Twitter possibly hinting at an SMG-like weapon available for Warlocks.

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