Latest Leak Reveals Intel’s 14nm Broadwell SKUs Details – 8th Generation GPU with 20% More EUs than Haswell, with eDRAM

Usman Pirzada

We have already revealed in our last leak that Broadwell will feature multiple processor types divided into 'Y' 'U' 'H' and Dual Chip and Single Chip types. Thanks to CPU-World, we know have more details about the features and specific models of Intel's Broadwell based mobile processors which are detailed below.

Broadwell will feature 8th Gen GT3e with 48 EUs, 'U' and 'H' will support Overclocking, Lowest SDP will be 2.8W

As you may know Broadwell will be the first 14nm Fab used by Intel. It will utilize HT and Turbo Boost 2.0. The instructions supported will be AES, AVX2 and TSX with the x86 instruction set (x86-64). The H processors will have 6mb of L3 Cache and some of the SKUs will have the GT3e graphics  with eDRAM (an extra cache memory). This will be implemented as a separate die on the chip itself.

Broadwell SoCThe Broadwell GPU itself will be based on the 8th Gen Architecture and will have 48 EUs which is 20% more than Haswell. They will support Dx 11.1, Open GL 4.2 and CL 1.2/2. It will also support the now dated Quick Sync and Clear Video technologies while adding new features such as SVC Hardware Accelerated Decoder and VP8 Hardware Decoder.

We can also confirm that just like Haswell, Broadwell will have a Voltage Regulator on chip.  There will also be a power controller on chip. This will allow as much as C10 level of low power state computing. the U and H variants will both have a Extreme Tuning Utility which will allow easy overclocking of both the CPU and GPU, the extent of which eludes us. Also another funny thing is our leak mentioned NO instance of DDR4 Ram which is a bit alarming. Make of that what you may. On the other hand LPDDR memory is now rampant in our documents.

Additionally Broadwell will now have new tech such as Boot Guard, PTT 2.0 with added Malicious Code Protection and a new RDSEED instruction set. There will be Crypto level improvements on the low-level.

Single chip variants will have Smart Sound Tech that will basically increase the efficiency of Audio Processing Acceleration. It will also now offer commands such as 'wake on voice' and 'personal speaker identification'. We believe the Smart Sound will ONLY be featured on the PCH-LP Chipset. ie If its a Dual Chip it aint got it.

Also we can confirm that Single Chip variants will have PCI-E 2.0 while Dual Chip 'H' Variants iwll have 16 Lanes of PCI-E 3.0. Also the Lowest SDP of Broadwell is 2.8W.


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