Brand New, Fully Unlocked Pixel 3 Is a Pretty Sweet Deal for Just $424

Google Pixel 3 sees massive discount on Amazon

You can go ahead and buy a brand new, fully unlocked Google Pixel 3 smartphones with 64GB storage for just $424. You save $374.

Google Pixel 3 in Just Black with 64GB Storage Discounted to $424, Down from $799

Though the Google Pixel 4 is the new hotness, but it doesn't hurt to look at older options either, provided that they offer some great value for money. Right now, the value for money phone is the Pixel 3, and it is currently discounted to just $424, which is a huge discount from its $799 asking price, meaning you save $374 straight away.

The model on sale comes in Just Black and features 64GB of onboard storage, which is obviously as vanilla as it gets. But inside, you get a stock Android experience with no bloatware, is fully unlocked and will work exactly the way Google intended for the best possible experience. This also means that you will be the first in line to get security and software updates. Those are bragging rights you won't find anywhere else.

Since Pixel phones are knows for having great cameras, therefore you can expect the same from this smartphone as well. The Pixel 3 packs some of the finest cameras around, and topped with features like Night Sight, you will be snapping photos in broad daylight all the way to pitch darkness so nothing will be able to stop you.

The Google Pixel 3 packs a battery that will last you throughout the day. Thanks to USB-C, you can top up at a very fast pace too. Despise physical ports? Don't worry, Google baked in wireless charging in this phone as well, so you can place it on your favorite charging pad or stand and top up without connecting wires.

Enough of the bragging, just head over to the link below and grab the deal now before it returns to its original price. There is no special discount code nor a coupon that needs clipping. Add to your cart and checkout.

Buy Google - Pixel 3 with 64GB Memory Cell Phone (Unlocked) - Just Black - Was $799, now just $424.

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