Brand New Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds on Discount: Includes Xiaomi Mi AirDots, Haylou GT1, Bilikay V16, More


If you happen to own a high-end smartphone or tablet, you might want to check out the best Bluetooth Earbuds on discount. We have some pretty great options available today which we have never added to our list before. The best part about today's list is that our Bluetooth Earbuds on discount feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology so you're not missing out when it comes to sound quality and connectivity.

Get the Best Bluetooth Earbuds on Discount for a Limited Time. Includes the Xiaomi Haylou GT1, Mi AirDots, More

One thing we would like to quote before we move on with our list is the limited time period of the discount. That's right if you have made up your mind on a specific option, be sure to order it right away. If you don't, the Earbuds on discount would revert to their original pricing model. So act fast to get your share.

Xiaomi Haylou GT1

Main Features:
• Frequency range 20 - 20000Hz
• Impedance 32
• Sensitivity 110dB
• Bluetooth version 5.0
• Multiple touch, DSP noise reduction, IPX5 waterproof
• Speaker: 7.2mm moving coil unit
• Headphones 3.5 hours battery life, charging box 12 hours battery life

The Xiaomi Haylou GT1 is a newcomer to our list of Earbuds on discount. To sum it up, it's great overall, the sound quality is great, the design is elegant and keeps the class of high-end flagship earbuds. For a very short period of time, the Xiaomi Haylou GT1 is available at a 30 percent discount, which drops the price down to just $26.99. Head over to this link to get it.

Earbuds on Discount

Bilikay T03

Main Features:
● Adopt imported Bluetooth 5.0 chip, ultra-low power consumption without delay transmission
● Independent generation unit with 10mm titanium membrane driver, producing accurate vocals, powerful low frequency and balanced intermediate frequency
● Comfortable and painless, ergonomic design
● IPX4 waterproof design, blocking the erosion of rain and sweat
● Easy to operate, pick up the automatic match and connect to the previously paired device
● Mini charging bin, when you don't use earplugs

Another great addition to our list of Bluetooth Earbuds on discount is the Bilikay T03. The main selling point is the sound quality and waterproof abilities of the T03. If you're enticed to own the Bilikay T03 earbuds, it is available at a good 41 percent off, dropping the final price down to just $28.99. Head over to this link to get it.

Earbuds on Discount

Alfawise V6

Main Features:

Alfawise V6 are the most advanced stereo Bluetooth earbuds on the market today! Perfect gift for men or women!
Superior Music Quality
The built-in high-quality audio chip, making you feel personally on the scene of music. The wireless earbuds are a perfect gift for men or women!
2600mAh Ultra-large-capacity Charging Case
Don't worry about low battery anymore. The charging case can charge the earbuds for about 18 times.
In addition to charging the earbuds, the charging case can act as a power bank, for charging mobile phones and other USB devices.

The Alfawise V6 is one of the most popular Earbuds on discount on our list. It boasts all the essentials that you're looking for in an earbud. The sound quality is great, the built quality is great. If you have made up your mind, the Alfawise V6 will be available at an 8 percent discount, making the price of the unit to come down to just $26.99. Head over to this link to get it.

Earbuds on Discount

Xiaomi RedDo AirDots

Main Features:
• The headset has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip to be called a new generation of headphones. Redmi AirDots is equipped with the latest Bluetooth 5.0 chip, the data transfer rate is up to 2 times compared to the previous generation, the connection is faster and more stable. Listening to music and playing is smoother and softer
•Noise Reduction of 7.2mm Moving Coil Drive Unit and DSP Intelligent Environment Noise Reduction:
• when material and setting are the same, the larger the size of the speaker unit, the better of the low frequency, more.

The Xiaomi Mi AirDots are one of my personal favorites and the company's flagship that most of us already know. There's not much that needs to be described. The unit overall is probably one of the best on our list of Earbuds on discount. If it piques your interest, the Xiaomi Mi AirDots is available at a 5 percent discount. This makes the price come down to just $21.39. Head over to this link to get it.

Earbuds on Discount

Bilikay V16

Main Features:
● Imported Bluetooth 5.0 chip, ultra low power consumption and longer transmission distance, giving you a better experience
● HiFi sound quality, high quality moving coil unit, balanced adjustment technology, restore the sound of the texture
● Hall switch, open cover earphones automatically start pairing, comfortable and convenient to use
● Comes with a portable charging bin, long battery life
● Touch a touch, define the phone, switch songs, and summon Siri
● Ergonomic design, perfect fit to the auricle, long-wearing

Probably the most good looking out of the bunch, the Bilikay V16 is a pretty sweet option that comes in its own unique design language. Specifically what entices me the most is the square charging bin. If you're looking to get your hands on the Bilikat V16, they are available at a 3 percent discount, making the price come down to just $31.99. Head over to this link to get it.

Earbuds on Discount

This is all for our list of Bluetooth Earbuds on Discount. If you are looking to get one, be sure to act fast, The prices are great and only limited units are available. So be sure to get it before the offer expires. Also, check out our discount on the best smartwatches.

There will be more deals soon on other consumers electronics, so be sure to stick around. This is all for now, folks. Share your thoughts on our Bluetooth Earbuds on discount. Which one are you looking to get? Let us know down below.