Bounty Star Offers a Mashup of Hardcore Mech Action, Farming, and Base Building in 2023

Bounty Star

It seems like farming is finding its way into all sorts of genres these days, with the Annapurna Interactive Showcase unveiling the latest odd mashup – mech-action meets farming. Bounty Star casts players as a “post-post-apocalyptic” mech-wielding bounty hunter, who also has to worry about building up their home base and raising crops and animals. Hey, bounty hunters need somewhere to hang their hat! You can check out the debut trailer for Bounty Star, below.

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Need to know more? Here’s the official description for Bounty Star…

Bounty Star is an over-the-shoulder 3D action game that combines mech combat and customization, with farming and base building. Play as a broken, but powerful ex-soldier named Clementine McKinney, a war veteran, talented fighter, and expert mech pilot. Clem attempts to shed the guild and shame of her past and become a legitimate force for good in the Red Expanse, a post-post-apocalyptic version of the American Southwest.

  • Customizable mech action - Pilot the Desert Raptor MKII, a highly customizable battle vehicle equipped with a variety of offensive and defensive systems including high-powered melee weapons, steam-powered hydraulic siege weapons, explosive firearms, high-speed thrusters, boosters for dashing, and more.
  • Become a bounty hunter - Bounty hunters like Clem are free to pursue their targets into whatever dangerous corners of the world they hide. She'll fight her way through many corners of the region and deal with these marks as she sees fit.
  • Repair and upgrade your homestead - Clem comes into an isolated and run-down garage that serves as a base of operations and home. Build out water and power supply lines, grow and cook food, produce animation and fuel for combat, and raise animals.

Bounty Star is coming to PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 sometime in 2023. The game will be a Day 1 Xbox Game Pass release.

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