Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night Procedural Generation To Improve Game’s Graphics; New Screens Released


Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night, the spiritual successor to the Castlevania series currently in development for PC and consoles, is still quite far from release, but the team is working hard to make it the best possible game. In a recent development update posted on the game's Kickstarter Page, Koji Igarashi talked about procedural generation and how it will improve the game's graphics considerably.

Alongside the Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night development update, Koji Igarashi also shared a bunch of new screenshots which highlight the benefits procedural generation will bring to the game such as added detail and more.

After that article mentioned procedural generation, lots of backers in the forum expressed their concerns. To address those concerns, I’d like to explain our reasons for changing the development process and explain the way procedural generation will be used in the final product.

Before, we worked on environments on a texture-by-texture basis, which meant that each area required the individual time and attention of skilled artists and designers. To use our team more wisely, our new process is based more on physics, and makes use of procedural generation.

Naturally, you might be asking, what kind of procedural generation? How will it be used, and for what? To put it simply, we’re using it to auto-generate environmental grime and destruction effects.

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night was originally scheduled for a 2017 release on all platforms, but the game was officially delayed back in September to ensure that it meets the high-quality standards Igarashi is known for. The game is currently scheduled for a release in the first half of 2018.

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night is currently in development for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox One and Wii U.