Bloodborne PSX Demake Looks Amazing With Ray Tracing and 4K Widescreen Mod


The Bloodborne PSX demake looks quite impressive, managing to capture the original's atmosphere with early polygonal graphics, but it reaches a whole new level with some choice modifications and ray tracing.

Garden of Eyes recently shared a new video on YouTube showcasing the demake running with Pascal Glicher's global illumination path tracing filters and widescreen 4K mod. Needless to say, it looks amazing, improving the spooky atmosphere of Yharnam further.

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The Bloodborne PSX Demake on PC is one of the most ambitious fan-made game projects ever! But what if we "remastered" the game with ray tracing and widescreen 4K mods? It's an entirely different experience! By using Pascal Glicher's global illumination path tracing filters, we can make the game look like it's been an actual remake (or redemake?)!


The Bloodborne PSX demake is now available for download for free. More information on it can be found here.

Travel to the gothic Victorian city of Yharnam, whose blood-soaked roads are filled with unspeakable terrors hidden behind every corner.

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