Blizzard Debunks That WoW: TBC Classic Beta Has Begun; Ray Tracing Options Found Alongside Reference to Possible New Warp Stalker Mount

Aernout van de Velde
WOW Burning Crusade Release Date

Yesterday, the World of Warcraft: TBC Classic Beta suddenly showed up in the launcher, but according to Blizzard, this was caused by a bug.

Fans were happy to see the beta for the TBC Classic appearing in the launcher yesterday and many hoped that this meant that Blizzard has given them access to the beta after having opted in for it. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to be the case as Blizzard’s community manager, Josh ‘Devolore’ Allen, quickly took to Twitter to state that the Beta hasn’t begun just yet. In addition, he said that no one outside of Blizzard’s own development team has been granted access to the upcoming beta.

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Interestingly, however, with the Beta being shortly available in the launcher, the launch screen for TBC Classic was also briefly available alongside customization options, including the already-rumored Ray Traced Shadows options that are also present in the Shadowlands client.

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In other possible TBC Classic-related news – as spotted by Wowhead, the newly updated TBC Classic client reportedly contains references to a new Warp stalker mount, the Viridian Phase-Hunter. As most of you will know, Warp Stalkers made their appearance in various zones in The Burning Crusade. With the mount only being present in the TBC Classic client files, there’s a strong indication that the mount will be available in the upcoming classic TBC server option as part of some sort of promotion.

World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Classic was officially announced during BlizzConline last month. The classic server option for World of Warcraft's first expansion will launch later this year with recent rumors suggesting that it might release within the next 3 months from now.

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