Blizzard Comments on World of Warcraft Classic Class Balance and Specs; Guarantees Team is Listening

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Blizzard believes it’s fair to have a discussion regarding classes and specs in the upcoming World of Warcraft Classic, and guarantees that the development team is listening to community feedback.

On the official World of Warcraft forums, fans are eagerly talking about Blizzard’s upcoming vanilla World of Warcraft server option, and community managers ‘Ythisens’ and ‘Ornyx’ commented in a thread discussing class balance and specs.

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‘Ythisens’ believes it’s fair to discuss class balance and specs since the philosophy of class balancing didn’t exist to the same extend as it does now. Whether this discussion will result in changes remains to be seen however. “I personally think its fair to have a discussion about classes/specs in Classic, considering class balancing as a philosophy didn't exist back then as it does now.”, ‘Ythisens’ wrote. “The idea of a "hybrid tax" was obviously not very good in the grand scheme of overarching class design and it made some specs arguably not viable/unplayable. I'm not suggesting we make huge changes or even small changes at all for that matter, but that it is a worthwhile conversation to have.”

In a follow-up post, ‘Ornyx’ added that the team is actively reading and talking about WoW Classic, but also reiterated that, apart from its announcement, not much is concrete at this point.

“We've been reading and talking about Classic within the Community team almost every day”, ‘Ornyx’ posted. “Before BlizzCon we were all so nervous and, really, amazed that this project was actually going to be announced at the show. But we do need to make sure things are kept in perspective - we don't want to jump onto too much of a hype/posting train, as its still all coming together and there's not much that is concrete.”

“I can guarantee you that the Classic team will be listening, and we will be forwarding as much along as we can. We know this project means a lot to a lot of players, and it means a lot to us too.”

World of Warcraft Classic was announced during Blizzard’s BlizzCon 2017 keynote.

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