Black Desert Online To Get Remastered Graphics and Audio Soon, Among Other Changes

Black Desert Online

Black Desert Online will soon get remastered graphics and audio. South Korean developer Pearl Abyss showcased both during Saturday's event and announced that they'll be available with an update scheduled for release on August 23rd. Below you can find more information about what was showcased during the event; as a reminder, Black Desert Online is also set to launch this year on Xbox One. 

Remastered Graphics Improvements

  • Physically based rendering
  • Physically based lighting
  • Physically based atmospheric scattering
  • Volumetric cloud
  • HDR rendering
  • Improved post processing with YEBIS
  • Improved screen space reflection
  • Improved ambient occlusion
  • Improved ocean rendering
  • Cloth simulation
  • Optimization

The materials look much more realistic due to the use of Physically based rendering. Based on the law of conservation of energy, light that reflects off of NPCs will look much more realistic.


Physically based rendering works together with multiple effects and processes to give you the quality of the following images.




The Remastered Audio was completed after the following mind blowing amount of work:

  • More than 220 soundtracks that go over 660 minutes total.
  • 7 complete Soundtrack Albums for each of the continents
  • Recordings of orchestras in 3 different european countries

The soundtracks in Black Desert Online are focused on allowing Adventurers to get fully immersed into the game. Various instruments and genres were used to match the varying situations and themes in the Black Desert world. The atmosphere and world of Black Desert Online were expressed with soundtracks that felt heavy and mellow. It was to the point that some of our Adventurers told us that the NPCs in Black Desert all seem depressed. So we decided to transform the black and white music in Black Desert Online to full-color.

Remastered Audio Improvements

  • Memorable melodies
  • Diverse and elegant arrangements
  • Warm performances done by musicians
  • Added soundtracks that highlights action

Adventurers will be able to experience the difference in sound due to the improvements mentioned above.

A Strategic Expansion of Skills for the Black Spirit 

Not so long ago, we went on to tweak the Black Spirit's Rage Meter. Our newly revamped Rage Meter will allow our users to pursue diverse strategies and tactics via a number of Black Spirit Skills that will soon be available to users.

Previous Black Spirit Skills could only be used with 100% or 200% rage. Now, there will be options to input commands and use Black Spirit skills with 10%, 25%, 50% rage. We expect this addition will allow you to make according adjustments to your combat experience whether it be to fight monsters or to engage in a PvP.

Let’s use Warrior as an example. The following skills will be upgraded by the expansion of skill for the Black Spirit, Pulverize at 10%, Merciless at 25%, and Slashing the Dead at 50%.

Changes made to Story and Leveling

Since the launch, we have received feedback regarding the game difficulty being too high, hence we have constantly been nerfing the monsters. However, as the basic stats of the characters were being buffed, the monsters ended up becoming far weaker than they were intended to be.

Due to this, people were able reach level 50 or even awaken their characters without feeling like they’ve accomplished much, especially in regard to defeating the monsters. The situation would only worsen with the Black Spirit quests leading you towards a single path.

So, the stories in each region will be changed to branch out, and the monsters’ difficulty will be re-adjusted.

Of course, these changes won’t mean much to you if you’ve played the game for a long time since these changes only apply to the earlier stages of the game. Still, if you create a new character to level or for people that are trying Black Desert Online for the first time, it will feel different from the previous Black Desert.

New Territory, Ordilita

We’ve started developing Ordilita, which has a release date set for some time next year. Although Ordilita was once a part of Kamasylvia, it is now an area occupied by the Ahib who have built a fortress in region. The region is covered in darkness as its nights are long and the region receives barely any sunlight.

Doom, the New Dream Horse

Doom, the new Dream Horse, is expected to be released with Ordilita as a continuation of our long line of Dream Horses including Arduanatt and Diné.

Doom is a Dream Horse with strong offensive abilities that seemingly to present towering flames. It has a powerful fire skill that allows you to instantly set your enemies ablaze.

The New Class - Male Ranger 

The new class regards none other than a Male Ranger, a class that has gained the attention of many of our users in Korea but overseas as well. Developments for the new class are progressing smoothly and the Male Ranger is set for release during winter this year.

The Male Ranger will use a weapon in the form of a crossbow and will equip magic gloves as its sub-weapon. Although the Male Ranger Class will have a slower attack speed than the existing Ranger Class, you will find that they are more than capable of delivering some hefty attacks.

Hunting contents added 

We strive to create and implement new contents never seen before in Black Desert. Out of those, Sniper Mode is a new system that will be added into hunting.

It’s a new mode for hunting animals that have sensitive ears and noses, disabling you from getting close enough to shoot them with normal matchlocks. With this new mode you will be able snipe these particular animals from a distance before they notice you and run away.

The mechanics are fairly simple. Activate Sniper Mode from far away, aim, and fire. However, your hunting skill level will affect your ability to aim, the steadiness of your breathing, and the accuracy of your shot in the minigame.

You can try the new Sniper mode, which moves away from the previous simple patterns of hunting, on the Global Lab servers. It will be released on the live servers after its full development.

Militarized Subjugation System 

A new system for your alternative characters are also in development.

To put it simply, it’s a system that will allow your alternative character to hire a group of mercenaries to subjugate monsters in a certain region of your choice.

It may seem similar to the system where you send out your workers to work. While workers were sent to gather and bring back resources Militarized Subjugation will allow you to send your alternative character, along with an army of mercenaries, to hunt and bring back items that you would usually obtain from monsters.

New Marketplace System

The Marketplace has always played a very important role in Black Desert Online, but has been without any big changes for a long time.

Therefore, we are developing a new marketplace that will be closer to the ideal of free market economy.

The new marketplace will have a virtual account and will require you to deposit your silver and register your items, in order to trade.

In order for you to purchase or sell an item, you will need to input a price within the market price range. If the item is available for that price, it will be purchased instantly. If the item isn’t available, it will only be purchased once someone registers it at your price.

This system can resolve the issues created by macros.Additionally, once the new system settles in, we will start preparing a smartphone app that will allow you to sell and buy items anywhere, at any time.

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