Black Desert Online Introduces ‘New World’ Update, Will Get Even Better Visuals Thanks to Silicon Studio

Enjoy a world without borders. Developer Pearl Abyss announced a new feature coming to Black Desert Online that puts all players onto the same server later this month.

There are lots of concerns when a game merges all servers into just one. It's a good thing that all questions about The New World transition are currently being addressed on the Black Desert Forums. According to the official blog post, here are the three main changes coming to the New World Update.

  • One World, One Server
    Players in different servers will now be living on the same server if they are in the same region. Experience the authentic open world where everyone in the same region will call home.
  • Ever More Fierce Siege Wars
    Now that everyone will break free from server boundaries, many reputable guilds can compete for nodes or territories. Expect creative strategies from enemies you have never met before.
  • Revitalization of In-Game Economy
    The economy system of Black Desert Online greatly benefits from an active interaction between combat and life contents. With the New World, a single Marketplace will cater a greater number of players, therefore housing an enormous collection of items registered by all the players in the region.

The transition should take about one week. During that Sieges will be stopped on the 26th and the transition should be complete by the 30th. It is being advised that all your workers have their tasks completed by November 30th.

Also today, Black Desert Online developer Pearl Abyss announced the partnership with Japan's Silicon Studio for bilateral technical cooperation. It basically means both companies will be working together on graphical technology research and engine development for Black Desert Online.

Pearl Abyss CEO Kyougin Jung commented on the collaboration with Silicon Studio.

Black Desert Online already boasts outstanding graphics, but with the cooperation of Silicon Studio, we will be able to elevate the game’s visuals to an even greater degree of fidelity.

The folks at Silicon Studio have been working on middleware and game engine solutions since 1999 and are known mainly for their YEBIS middleware. You've seen their work in games like Bloodborne and Dark Souls III. Masaki Kawase, Lead Software Engineer at Silicon Studio, said:

Pearl Abyss is a very competent company. With their help, we will be able to bring out the full potential of YEBIS and help foster a new generation of technology development.

Black Desert Online is available on PC and you can check out our review here.

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