BIOSTAR Announces the P500 Portable SSD, Offering Three Capacities

Evan Federowicz

BIOSTAR announces the P500 Portable SSD series, offering either a 512 GB capacity, a 1 TB capacity, or a 2 TB capacity. These SSDs offer not only a good capacity but also an aluminum body design and RGB led lighting. More information on these SSDs is available through BIOSTAR's website for either the 512 GB model or the 1 TB model. The 2 TB capacity doesn't currently have a product page on BIOSTAR's website.

The P500 portable SSD series offers three different capacities a 512 GB model, a 1 TB model, and a 2 TB model

The P500 portable SSD series offers a sleek design with its aluminum build and RGB indicator light on either side of the BIOSTAR logo in the SSD center. The fully aluminum body allows for not only an incredibly durable portable SSD but provides great heat dissipation for the SSD components inside.

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This RGB indicator light uses a smart switch, which will deactivate when the SSD is tilted to an angle of 45 degrees, and when laid flat on a surface, the RGB lighting will be automatically turned on. This smart switchless design ensures that users don't need to turn off the RGB lighting before moving the portable SSD to a new location. This SD utilizes two light bars on either side of the BIOSTAR logo; if the P500 SSD isn't working, then the light bar will change into breathing mode.


The P500 portable SSD series utilizes a USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C interface allowing for faster transfer rates of up to 10 GB per second. This interface also offers a more stable transmission and widespread compatibility for various devices, including computers and consoles.

The P500 portable SSD series is planned to state three different capacities, with only two capacities currently having product pages. The three different planned capacities are a 512 GB model, a 1 TB model, and a 2 TB model. Only the 512 model and 1 TB model currently have product pages on BIOSTAR's website.

These SSDs are perfect for content creators looking for an incredibly fast portable SSD to move content from one computer to another easily and an SSD with a fantastic and durable body with RGB support.

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