The ‘Biggest iWatch Leak’ Turns Out to be Genuine!

Rafia Shaikh

While Apple has been long-expected to launch its smartwatch, this year has seen massive amounts of pressure surrounding Cupertino and its wearable technology. Yesterday was the first time that we saw the biggest iWatch leak of the year showing some CAD schematics of components of the smartwatch. A little bit shady at that moment, it looks like that biggest iWatch leak was definitely genuine!

Biggest iWatch Leak Shows CAD Component Drawings and Specifications!biggest iwatch leak

Biggest iWatch leak is legit!

Yesterday's massive iWatch leak unveiled some CAD drawing of the components hinting at what to expect from the first iWatch. The leak revealed that iWatch will be water proof, sport a microphone, speaker, and will support Siri. This biggest iWatch leak also revealed that the device will be completely wireless with no ports whatsoever. Battery wasn't showed to be so good coming at only a day's battery life which was also leaked last week that iWatch will have poor battery life but with an easy, wireless charging process.

It wasn't clear however that what the source of these schematics was. It was expected that the drawings came from Quanta, the company responsible to be the OEM of iWatch assembly. And it turns out these iWatch drawings did come out from Quanta.

Thanks to Jack March and his little search, it turns out that the images quite match with the styling of Quanta's powerpoint decks. Google search by March reveals that the leaked slides are exactly in the format that Quanta uses on its intraweb. Here is the image that Jack shared showing Quanta's slides format to be exactly the same.biggest iwatch leak

Here's March's tweet:

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- Source: Jack March

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