Top 10 Smartphones Of 2013 – Best Phones To Buy

Sohaib Ahmad

We cover the best smartphones of 2013 on this article. Its been an exciting year, in terms of mobiles. We have seen the 1080p displays introduced. 64 bit processors are starting to become a norm now, camera tech is advancing at a monstrous rate. Some unorthodox features have also caught our eye, curved/round displays being one of them.

Here Are Our Top 10 Smartphones Of 2013

We'll rate the phones by judging the features,performance and the price.

10 - Lumia 525

Although not released uptill now (release date = mid December) the Lumia 525 is a worthy upgrade over the already economical Lumia 520. With modest specs, the small but nifty device is a very good phone. The features it provides for the price are phenomenal.

Best Smartphones Of 2013

9- Sony Z1

With an improved screen over the Sony Z1 and a capable camera, the Z1 does not disappoint. Although it does not impress much with its camera, the phone overall is equipped fully to handle tasks well (Including the water-resistant body). With the Snapdragon 800 running under its hood, it is  no slouch. Price can be an issue with the Z1, regardless its a capable phone.

Best Smartphones Of 2013

8-Lumia 1020

Even better than the Z1 in the camera department, the Lumia 1020 was fated to be 'the' camera phone. With a superior and unmatched sensor,lens and impressive software capabilities, the Lumia 1020 can be safely called the best camera-phone to date. Although the hardware is not the latest, it is perfectly adequate to handle WP 8.

7- Note 3

The Note series has proven itself, as is evident from the sales of the Note 1-3 across the globe. The Note 3 is a powerhouse, with a Full HD screen and the exclusive 'S pen'. In the hardware department, it also does not disappoint. Although the 5.7" screen is nearing the boundaries of the tablet region, the Note 3 is still a capable portable device.

Best Smartphones Of 2013

Honorary mention : Lumia 1520 ( A good Note 3 alternative).

6- Sony Xperia Z

The 'original' water-resistant phone, u can probably take a bath with the Xperia Z and get away with it. It has a slightly older processor and a screen which has a 'whitish' tint to it. Point of fact is that no phone including the Xperia Z is water-proof, they can just resist till a limit.Other than the slight drawbacks, the Z is a perfect phone. The Rugged body and the good price really seals the deal on the Xperia Z.

Best Smartphones Of 2013

Honorary mention : S4 Active

5-LG G2

With the latest hardware and a  surprisingly good price the LG G2 is a winner. Other than the awkwardly placed volume rocker and hardware power/unlock button, there isn't much negative about the LG G2.

4-HTC One

WIth a body that is sublime and hardware that is 'adequate' but not the latest, the HTC One impresses with its exclusive software as well as hardware features. The HTC Zoe and the beats enhancement are not mere gimmicks. If not for HTC's glorious stint into 'Ultrapixel' territory, the HTC One would had been a perfect phone.

3- Moto G

Simply put, extremely performance/price ratio. With Average hardware and an awesome price, the Moto G may be Motorola's salvation!

2- Nexus 5

You can't go wrong with Nexus phones when comparing the price. Snapdragon 800 and 2 GB ram is considered to be top class right now. It has the Best price to performance ratio (when getting from the play store), nuff said.

1- Tie!

Galaxy S4 And the iPhone 5S.

Not much info needed on this one.

No Phone is the best phone regardless of it's high number of features and low price.

That is it folks.

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