BBM iOS And Android Release Date Refuted By BlackBerry


Last month BlackBerry announced that it was releasing BBM iOS and Android this summer. BlackBerry Messenger a.k.a BBM has been exclusive to the Canadian manufacturer's own devices for as long as it has been around. Back in January earlier this year the company announced that it was making some changes. It unveiled the BlackBerry 10 platform and also dropped RIM as its company name. In a bid to become relevant in the market again, and compete against other cross platform messaging services, the company announced at Live 2013 Conference in May that BBM was finally coming over to iOS and Android devices. We have also heard chatter that the company is in talks to have BBM ship pre-installed on new Android devices.


Yesterday T-Mobile UK's Twitter account sent out a tweet claiming that BBM iOS and Android launch is taking place on 27th June. Despite the fact that BlackBerry has confirmed that BBM is going cross platform, it has not yet officially announced a release date. It was a bit odd seeing T-Mobile UK jump the gun like this, though it doesn't seem like they would intentionally tweet out the incorrect release date. If we were to guess, the launch is going to take place on 27th June, but some one at T-Mobile UK gave out that information before it was supposed to be made public.

The Financial Post now reports that it has received official word from BlackBerry officials regarding the BBM iOS and Android release. They say that the messenger will not be releasing on new platforms on 27 June, adding that the official launch date of BBM iOS and Android has not been determined yet. T-Mobile UK has deleted the Tweet that had sparked rumors across the web of a release that was apparently slated for 27th June.

Under the leadership of CEO Thorsten Heins, the company is slowly but surely having a mini revival. Its new products, the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 have been performing quite well in the market. BlackBerry recently revealed that more than 60% of Fortune 500 companies are testing or phasing in its new products. BBM has a loyal user base on both new and legacy BlackBerry devices, but even the most hardcore loyalists switched to other smartphones in recent years because the company's devices just weren't up to the task. Releasing BBM iOS and Android versions would allow BlackBerry to capture their attention again, and may be bring back some of those lost users.