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Exactly one week ago BlackBerry revealed its highly anticipated operating system, BlackBerry 10. New devices were also announced which include the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. The former is available right now in UK and Canada whereas the latter will be made available over the next couple of weeks. We have already got our hands on BlackBerry Z10 and its a pleasant surprise.

At the 2nd annual BlackBerry Jam developer event in Europe the company announced that BlackBerry Q10 apps submissions are now being taken, developers can submit their apps for BlackBerry Q10 using the vendor portal for BlackBerry World. A number of other announcements were made as well which we discuss down below.

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The event took place in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The company announced these updates to the developer community gathered there for this event. Updates include information regarding the new rewards program for developers and the BlackBerry 10 SDK. The highlight of the event was the fact that BlackBerry World vendor portal is now open for BlackBerry Q10 apps submission.

App developers have been a vital part of BlackBerry 10 launch. The issues that have plagued the company include lack of apps on the platform. BlackBerry 10 launchs with over 70,000 apps, the highest ever for a first generation launch. This achievement is due to the support of the dedicated developer community. The company has not forgotten their support and has announced 12,000 Limited Edition BlackBerry Z10 devices for those developers who got their apps ready in time for the launch. Developers will exclusively receive these limited edition smartphones in red color.

Alec Saunders, Vice President of Ecosystem and Developer Relations said: "I have never seen as much excitement and enthusiasm for a platform that compares to what we are seeing with BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry Jam Europe is a great time for us to thank the developer community for their continued loyalty, support and amazing enthusiasm." The BlackBerry Jam Europe event was sold out for the second year running.

Things are off to a good start for BlackBerry. The Z10 is getting good reviews and the new OS is also being appreciated. It will be interesting to see how the company carries this momentum forward.

Official press release:

BlackBerry announces updates to SDKs, reward programs, opens BlackBerry World vendor portal for BlackBerry Q10 app submissions

[Amsterdam, Netherlands] – At its second annual BlackBerry® Jam Europe developer event, BlackBerry® (NASDAQ: BBRY; TSX: BB) today provided updates to the BlackBerry developer community, including updates to the BlackBerry® 10 developer toolkit, new benefits of the reward programs, and the opening of app submissions in the BlackBerry® World™ storefront vendor portal for the BlackBerry® Q10 smartphone.

BlackBerry Jam Europe, fully booked for the second year, follows closely on the heels of the extremely successful global launch of the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 smartphones on January 30, which highlighted the support and commitment by developers for the BlackBerry 10 platform with 70,000 apps at launch – more apps than any first-generation mobile platform. In addition, a recent study by Vision Mobile found that 38% of developers identified BlackBerry as their lead platform.

“I have never seen as much excitement and enthusiasm for a platform that compares to what we are seeing with BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry Jam Europe is a great time for us to thank the developer community for their continued loyalty, support and amazing enthusiasm,” said Alec Saunders, Vice President of Ecosystem and Developer Relations. “We want to keep that momentum going and are today announcing updates to the toolkit, our reward and incentive programs, and more. We are listening to our community and are evolving our programs to help them achieve success on BlackBerry 10 and be recognized for their efforts and accomplishments.”

BlackBerry 10.1 SDK

The updated tools for building or tweaking applications for the BlackBerry 10 smartphone, which features a physical QWERTY keyboard, are now available. The tools will allow developers to optimize their apps to run on the smartphone’s 720 x 720 display. The toolkit also contains a new BlackBerry Q10 simulator. Apps built natively for BlackBerry 10 using the Cascades™ framework have built-in functionality that automatically adjusts to various screen specifications. More information on this update is available here:

Built for BlackBerry App Program

BlackBerry continues to support its developer community and reward the effort and work for building quality applications through the Built for BlackBerry app program. At BlackBerry Jam Europe, BlackBerry announced updates to the Built for BlackBerry program including a top Built for BlackBerry list on BlackBerry World to increase discoverability and marketability of Built for BlackBerry apps. Eventually, the only apps that will be featured on the BlackBerry World carousel will be Built for BlackBerry apps. For more information see here:

Limited Edition BlackBerry 10 Smartphones

BlackBerry also announced that 12,000 Limited Edition smartphones are being built exclusively for developers who created apps in time for launch. Developers who had previously qualified to receive a BlackBerry Dev Alpha A or B testing device, and who have an application submitted on BlackBerry World, may apply to swap the testing device unit for the red, limited edition model of the BlackBerry Z10. Details around the terms and conditions can be found here:

BlackBerry World Vendor Portal Open for BlackBerry Q10 App Submissions

Developers can now add the BlackBerry Q10 smartphone as a targeted device in the BlackBerry World vendor portal. This will allow developers to have their apps published at the outset, when the BlackBerry Q10 is expected to launch in April this year.

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* Vision Mobile 2013 Developer Economics Report (January, 2013).