Battlefield V Update Improves Ray Tracing Quality at Ultra Settings and DLSS Sharpness


DICE has released the patch notes for Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update #2, coming today to Battlefield V.

PC gamers with a GeForce RTX GPU will be happy to learn there are further improvements for both Ray Tracing quality and Deep Learning Super-Sampling (DLSS) sharpness. The latter in particular was originally criticized for its blurry implementation in Battlefield V.

Quantum computing could boost Ray Tracing Performance By Up To 190%

PC-Specific Improvements
• Increased maximum ray count in DXR Ultra to improve reflection quality.
• DLSS is now also supported in borderless mode.
• Made improvements to DLSS sharpness.
• Fixed an issue that caused the Customization screen to be darker than intended when
having DX12 enabled.
• Fixed a rendering issue that could cause graphical corruption when spamming various
player actions.
• Fixed a bug that would cause the game to hang if the player mashed all the keyboard and
mouse buttons while in the key binding menu. The player that found this must have
eaten too much pineapple pizza.
• In Firestorm, opening the map and using the "scroll" button while inside a tank in the
gunner position will no longer switch the selected tank gun as well.

Beyond these PC fixes, this Battlefield V update is mostly dedicated to tweaking the new Battle Royale 'Firestorm' mode released a few weeks ago.

Battlefield V Firestorm – Gameplay fixes and changes
• Fixed an issue which was causing a weapon to be misaligned when a player was in a man
down state while being spectated.
• V-1 and Artillery Strikes now count as "gadget kills".
• Pistols that have been picked up by the player now properly drop on the ground if the
player dies.
• Players are now able to use the Flare Gun while in water.
• Increased the draw distance for grenades and melee weapons.
• Grenades now collide with the cover of the pickup truck instead of going through it.
• Fixed an issue where the active VOIP icon would not always show if the entire squad
would be talking at the same time.
• Players will no longer deploy a grenade automatically when dropping an item as a
• When in a tank, the player will no longer switch to the selected tank gun while zooming
on the map.
• Added a red outline for the Artillery Strike on the map to make it more visible.
• The health cooldown UI no longer freezes if a player drops their healing items when it is
in progress.
• Getting an invite from a player while looking for players enables you to join the squad.
• If the user cancels and resumes the interaction with a safe, it will always reset.
• When the player is watching another player being revived, the camera will remain in the
same position.
• The Napalm Helmet will no longer obstruct the player when aiming down sights.
• Players can now jump as soon as they reach the start of the jump location.
• When waiting for the other players, the squad list shows the correct Armor Plates
number that the player had before death.
• Players will no longer reload when opening doors.
• The loot rarity icon is no longer visible through soldier bodies and vehicles.
• When getting killed by another player, the text for the weapon used will show properly.
• Switching weapon while dropping a weapon will no longer make the weapon being held
• The Swap and Drop button callouts are updated if the player changes the keybind ingame.
• Interaction detection has been improved to avoid issues with loot near Objectives and
• The interaction prompt for safes will no longer be offset when the player interacts with it
• The interaction prompt for safes will no longer double when the player interacts with it
• Interacting with a safe repeatedly will no longer make the progress bar disappear.
• When the player is killed by an Artillery Strike, an icon is displayed in the kill feed.
• The first wave of capture points now start earlier, before the zone starts to shrink for the
first time.

Battlefield V Firestorm – Map improvements and fixes
• Improved the rock wall textures near Pluto (Dig Site A).
• Removed a piece of terrain that was clipping through the bridge towards the farm from
the lake, causing vehicles to flip if they drive over it with speed.
• Fixed a floating telegraph pole that was placed east from Nannahavn.
• The crates located west of Hansen Farms are no longer floating in the air.
• Fixed a floating tree west of the Halvoy Dam.
• Players can no longer get stuck between the gap of the barrels inside Hansen Farms.
• The shed door is no longer clipping through the barrels at Minerva Docks.
• Players can no longer interact with the backside of the ladder near Guderos.
• Players can no longer get stuck while prone under the wooden platform next to the
fishing cabin near Halvoy Dam.
• Players can no longer get stuck between the wall and the railway sleeper stacks East of
Minerva Docks.
• Players can no longer get stuck when jumping between the metal bars at Pluto (Dig site
• Improved rock textures near the Odenberg area.
• Player can no longer get stuck between the tree and the wall north of Minerva Docks.
• Players can no longer hide behind the waterfall South of Minerva Docks.
• The wooden crates are no longer floating above the floor inside the shed southeast of
Hansen Farms.
• The wooden crate no longer blocks the player from vaulting through the window in arctic
house west of Hansen Farms.
• Snow effect is no longer present inside the house southeast of Hotstad as well as the
house north of Minerva Docks.
• Fixed an issue that was causing mild flickering around the windshields inside vehicles.
• The PAK-40 AT towable located southeast of Halvdeler has been moved ten meters to
make it more useful.