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[UPDATE – Combat Roles]Battlefield V Multiplayer Producer Comments On Aiming, Weather, Live Service


[Update] DICE now detailed the Battlefield V Combat Roles. More can be found here.

[Original Story] The Battlefield V development team is gearing up for the game's release, revealing some additional details on many of the game's features.

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A few hours ago, Multiplayer Producer David Sirland answered some questions about the game on his Official Twitter profile. Speaking about aiming, Sirland confirmed that Aim Assist rotation for vehicles is getting removed, but the Aim Assist slowdown will remain for sure.

Sirland also made some comments on the weather, which will impact gameplay in several play modes. According to him, they are aiming to have any form of extreme weather not last for long

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Lastly, it seems like players should expect a lot of content coming to the game for launch, thanks to the fact that the biggest live team ever at DICE is working on Battlefield V. The team currently has everything planned for the first two months.

A few days back, DICE detailed some of the changes over the beta coming to Battlefield V. More vehicles types have also been confirmed.

More Vehicle Types Coming

In the Open Beta, players got to pilot the medium tanks and heavy tanks in their Grand Operations and Conquest matches. If you thought the selection was slim, don’t worry – the full game will feature many more exciting World War 2 vehicles.

We also got some feedback that the Open Beta’s tanks felt too heavy, but when the more agile light tanks arrive at launch, the vehicle characteristics will make more sense. There were community comments on survivability, turret speed, and how lethal tanks were against infantry. These aspects will see further tweaks but, again, different tank types are good for different things: the heavy and medium ones can sustain damage and hold an area better, while light tanks are better at defending against infantry. Medium tanks can be used for both depending on how you specialize them.

In general, we want to give you as much choice as possible. If you want to drive to the outskirts and harass enemies, you can jump into a light vehicle and do that. If you want to push the front with a massive Churchill or Tiger Tank, go ahead! All vehicle types come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Battlefield V launches on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 20th.