Battlefield 3 customization shown in ALPHA gameplay


The most important part of the Battlefield series is weapon and class customization but it seems that Battlefield 3 has an improved customization menu to help keep the new image of the game going while DICE has decided to borrow the blueish theme from Medal of Honor for many parts of the game including the HUD and even the customization menu I have to say that the menu does look a lot more better compared to the interface given in Bad Company 2, But the customization is pretty peculiar I mean have you heard of an assault using Defibrillators?

While the graphics and gameplay is important to Battlefield 3 the real crown jewel in the game is the new and improved Destruction 3.0 along with the new level of Customization where classes can diversify themselves more like I stated earlier Assaults can now be medics hence they can use the defibrillator and maybe med kits, in the videos below you can see how DICE has added something new to the table by allowing players to customize the physical attributes of the character such as faster sprint speed, while this was in Bad Company 2 by the name of Lightweight Pack it didn't have adjustable sprint speed levels but now you can customize your sprint by 5% to 10% and even more (maybe).

A new addition to the game is how the characters vault over cover in a Parkour style similar to Brink / Mirror's Edge this is definitely something new to the series and adds a nice touch of realism rather than just jumping over obstacles like in Bad Company 2 overall I am liking the new changes made to the game and I hope they improve even more in the final game. Keep up the great work DICE!