Battlefield 1 To Feature 60Hz Default Tick Rate, Gets More Details On Destruction, Melee, Gunplay And More


Battlefield 1, the new entry of the series currently in development by DICE, is still somewhat far from release, but the team has proven with some of the game's most recent showings that they have a very solid idea on the game's mechanics and features. A few hours ago, a member of the team confirmed a feature that will make all those planning to invest some serious time in the game's multiplayer modes quite happy.

A few hours ago, DICE's producer David Sirland confirmed on reddit that Battlefield 1 will sport a 60Hz default tick rate. For those not knowing, tick rate is the frequency with which the server updates the game state, measured in Hertz. The higher the tick rate, the smoother the online experience.

In the same thread where David Sirland confirmed the Battlefield 1 default tick rate, another user named XfactorGaming shared some new details on the game. This user is part of the EA Game Changers program, which allows select people to play games way before release to provide feedback to developers, and he recently spent some time with Battlefield 1, revealing some new details on destruction, mentioning that it's possible to level an entire village.

In your opinion, what is your favorite change made to the game from the previous titles? Whether that be from the time period or a gameplay mechanic.

Has to be the destruction. People wanted BFBC2 destruction and got so much more. It really is insane to see an entire map leveled.

There is an entire village 🙂

XfactorGaming also mentioned that he has seen other maps that have yet to be confirmed, but he obviously cannot talk about them right now. What he can talk about is what he would like to see changed in the game.

Put a skill gap back in the gunplay and fix drag. The developers stated it was not working as intended and some guns shot what felt like softballs and not bullets. You could actually see the lob. I look for this to get tweaked the most.

Melee is going to play a big part in Battlefield 1, but some users are worried that the charge in particulat may be abused. This doesn't seem to be the case, as it's impossible to spring for another 8-10 seconds after a charge.

Do you think the melee charge will be overused to cross large distances quickly? I can see it really breaking immersion, just so players can get to the objective a bit faster.

You can use the charge to get out of dodge or into cover but you CANNOT sprint at all for another 8-10 seconds. It is a high risk high reward type of tactic and it should stay that way.

Yes, you cannot sprint at all for 8-10 seconds. You are walking at a crawl.

Speaking about gunplay, XfactorGaming also confirmed that there's a ton of RNG in the SMGS and LMSSG, hoping that it will get tweaked in the future

Are people who are a good shot still rewarded? From the videos I've seen the recoil pattern looks random.
Long follower of your content!

There is a ton of RNG in the SMGS and LMGS. Hopefully this gets adjusted quickly. You can be looking at a door 50 feet away and shoot two bullets. The first might hit the left side of the door and the second, shot a full second later, might hit the right.

Later in the thread, XfactorGaming also stated how the game feels more like Battlefield 4 than Bad Company 2 in its current state, and that he sadly knows nothing of the closed alpha that's supposed to begin this week.

The dink of the helmet is back when you headshot someone and if it is a headshot kill the helmet goes flying off which is awesome. The developers are still making lots of tweaks to gameplay, but feels more like BF4 to me.

Can you say something about the "Alpha rumor"? Some people (gaming magazines and Youtubers) said, there will be a [closed] Alpha this week.

Nothing confirmed, but I hope it is this week. I have really enjoyed my time playing Battlefield 1 so far and really have the itch to play some more.

Battlefield 1 launches later this year on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.