Baldur’s Gate 3 Latest Update Brings Barbarians to the Party

Ule Lopez
Baldur's Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 is currently on its way to receiving its seventh major patch. The patch known as Absolute Frenzy (or Patch 7) brings the introduction of the playable Barbarian class and the sport of goblin-tossing alongside many other additions, changes, and fixes that will join the game on its path toward 1.0.

The update was announced during Larian Studios' Panel From Hell: 5th Edition. Watch the trailer for the Absolute Frenzy update below:

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The Absolute Frenzy update for Baldur's Gate 3 brings the Barbarian class: This merciless combatant fueled by nature's fury and boasting chaos energy is going to join the game later today. The class also has two subclass variants:

  • Wildheart Barbarians choose a Bestial Heart to inspire, protect and guide them, receiving different combat abilities and facial piercings depending on their choice.
  • Berserker Barbarians pull from a reservoir of pure fury, turning their Rage into a Frenzy that grants two new bonus actions – Enraged Throw wreaks additional damage to enemies and inflicts the prone status, and Frenzied Strike allows Berserkers to attack twice using a bonus action like Improvised Weapon.
baldur's Gate 3 Absolute Frenzy

The new gameplay mechanic introduced in the Absolute Frenzy update allows players to use improvised weapons. Almost anything has the potential to become a deadly projectile to be hurled at your foes. Improvised Weapons do damage based on their weight, and characters can wield an Improvised Weapon that weighs up to three times their Strength ability score. In other words, players can use gigantic enemies to thwack enemies.

The update also includes a total overhaul of Baldur's Gate 3's HUD UI, making it slicker, streamlined, and easier to use. In addition, there's going to be new Magic Loot throughout the world as well as several improvements toward stealth and exploration. Finally, the update will include upgraded cinematics for nearly 700 cutscenes.

Baldur's Gate 3 is currently available as an Early Access game on Steam. The game is set to be fully released at some point in 2022.

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