Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 5 Includes Active Roll, Smarter AI, More Rewards for Roleplaying

Baldur's Gate 3

During the third Panel from Hell, Larian Studios shared the nitty-gritty on the upcoming Patch 5 for Baldur's Gate 3, due to launch on July 13th. The developer revealed a new Active Roll system coming to the roleplaying game alongside new Background Goals, an improved camping system, and smarter AI with foes now be capable of picking up discarded weapons when unarmed or passing health potions to each other.

The Active Roll System
During skill checks, rather than leaving you at the mercy of the RNG gods during skill checks, in Patch 5 we have ensured players now have much more agency. Active Roll gives players the ability to swing the odds in their favour by applying spells and bonuses to their rolls. Additionally, players can now see their modifiers and status effects happen directly within the UI, rather than being calculated in the background.

Background Goals
Players have always been able to select a ‘Background’ at the Character Creation screen - Folk Hero, Acolyte, Urchin, and so on. Now every character will have their own series of secret miniquests based on these roles, called Background Goals. So, whenever a Folk Hero does something Folksy and Heroic or an Urchin does something Urchiny, they’ll be rewarded. It’s a new way to encourage role playing, with players directly benefiting from acting as their character would in any given scenario.

Camp Supplies
Camp Resources are a new feature that will make you think a little more strategically about when to activate a Long Rest. Now in order to make camp, you first need supplies. You know all the food and scraps you find around Baldur's Gate 3? Well from now one, you’ll need that to set up for a full rest. Finally, a use for your giant hoard of dead fish!
Also coming this patch are Mini Camps, context-dependent environments that offer an alternative to returning to your HQ by the river. From the Chapel near the Ravaged Beach to the Underdark, we've recreated every landmark as its own isolated location that can be accessed when you’re ready to hunker down for your Long Rest.

Baldur's Gate 3 still has a long way before the full launch, as Larian recently said it hopes to release version 1.0 at some point in 2022. On the tech front, the game should soon get AMD FSR support and possibly even NVIDIA DLSS support.

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