Baldur’s Gate 3 Latest Community Update Details Combat, Stealth Mechanics

Francesco De Meo
Baldur's Gate 3

New details on Baldur's Gate 3's combat and stealth mechanics emerged online thanks to a new community update.

Combat has seen a few improvements since the February gameplay reveal, starting from how commands for multiple party members can be used at the same time if they follow one another in the turn order.

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Since the initial gameplay reveal in February, we totally overhauled the order of combat. Early Access means change, and change is shaped by feedback and testing over time. BG3’s combat is now set so that each combatant takes a turn at a time but there’s a twist. If multiple combatants of the same faction follow one another in the turn order, then you can simultaneously command each of them.

This new Baldur's Gate 3 mechanic is set to spice up combat considerably, as it gives players the chance to properly deal with any situations while making combat a little more unpredictable.

That means that based on the results of the initiative roll, you’ll experience a different tactical puzzle in each combat that really mixes everything up but still allows you to react to the “cards” you’re “dealt”, so to speak. (There aren’t literally any cards, sorry MTG fans!) Between the RNG of initiative, and the planning, you should be able to have a fresh experience with every combat while still being able to predict and plan with friends how to combine spells and abilities, and ultimately win the fight.

Stealth can also play a big part in Baldur's Gate 3 if players choose to take this approach. Things can be taken further with force turn-based mode, which will turn exploration into a turn-based affair, just like combat.

Stealth is also a big part of Baldur’s Gate 3 - if you want it to be - and it goes hand in hand with the game's great sense of verticality, and ability to shove people. Sneaking is a really useful technique for positioning your party prior to the initiative roll, ensuring you get the first strike. Using stealth, it’s perfectly viable to sneak into a camp, avoid being seen, and roll crits to victory. With a little thought comes the perfect ‘shove’.

Using stealth to prepare for combat is even more fun due to the introduction of forced turn-based mode. This is a big new feature that allows players at any moment during exploration to switch to turn-based rules. Each turn equates to 6 seconds, allowing players to predict and navigate enemy movement, or solve puzzles that require clever navigation (for example, not getting hit by a fireball!).

Baldur's Gate 3 is coming to early access on PC and Stadia before the end of the year. A precise launch date has yet to be confirmed.

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