Back 4 Blood Surpassed 10 Million Players; First Expansion Announced

Alessio Palumbo
Back 4 Blood

Warner Bros. Games and Turtle Rock Studios announced that Back 4 Blood has surpassed 10 million players since its launch last Fall. In the same press release, NPD Group data was cited to state that Back 4 Blood was 2021’s best-selling new IP on consoles.

The game is also getting its first expansion, Tunnels of Terror, on April 12th. Turtle Rock Studios President and General Manager, Steve Goldstein, said:

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To achieve such a milestone in the short time since the launch of Back 4 Blood is a historic event for our studio and this franchise. As we look ahead, we’re excited to keep the momentum going with our upcoming expansion, Tunnels of Terror, which will offer more cooperative content for fans to continue cleansing the world of the Ridden.

Tunnels of Terror is set to add an all-new co-op activity known as Ridden Hives, where players will explore seven different dungeons full of labyrinthine tunnels below the depths of Evansburgh that are infested with a new Ridden type, the Warped Ridden. Riddens include the landmine-setting Urchins, monstrous Shredders, and damage-dealing Rippers. All of them will be available in the Player versus Player Swarm mode, too.

Back 4 Blood is also getting two new playable Cleaners, the axe wielding firefighter Sharice and the restaurateur Heng. Furthermore, Tunnels of Terror adds eight exclusive character skins, seven new legendary weapons, 12 new weapon skins, new cards, and more.

Alongside the paid expansion, Back 4 Blood will receive a free update adding the No Hope difficulty setting for those looking for an extra level of challenge. It's worth noting that the playable content coming with Tunnels of Terror will be accessible by everyone in a party as long as a single player in that party has purchased the expansion.

Here's our Back 4 Blood review, in case you missed it.

Back 4 Blood isn't Left 4 Dead, and it doesn't even try to be it, doing away with the classics' straightforward campaign in favor of a more modern experience that rewards progression and offers plenty of replayability. The excellent map and mission design, the huge variety of builds made possible by the card system, and satisfying gameplay make the game by Turtle Rock Studios the one to get for those who have a team of friends ready to take on hordes of undead, but those who are looking to play the game solo would do better to look elsewhere, as Back 4 Blood doesn't offer much for those not too keen on teamwork.

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