Mobile Data Traffic Grew 46 Percent Between Q1, 2020 & Q1, 2021, With the Average Smartphone Owner Using 10GB+ of Data Monthly

Mobile Data Traffic Grew 46 Percent Between Q1, 2020 & Q1, 2021, With the Average Smartphone Owner Using 10GB+ of Data Monthly

We are yet to be free of the pandemic, but that has not prevented the proliferation of 5G in any capacity. According to the latest report from Ericsson, the average smartphone owner uses more than 10GB of data monthly, and that usage is expected to grow with time, as are the number of 5G smartphone owners.

Latest Report Claims There Will Be More Than Half a Billion 5G Subscriptions by the End of 2021

The Ericsson Mobility Report states that there has been a 46 percent of data traffic increase between the first quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021. Additionally, thanks to the rollout of 5G, the average smartphone data usage has also increased and is forecasted to reach 35GB by the end of 2026.

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“So far, more than 160 communications service providers have launched 5G services and over 300 5G smartphone models have been announced or launched commercially. Before the end of this year, we will have surpassed half a billion 5G users in the world […]

The monthly global average usage per smartphone now exceeds 10GB, and is forecast to reach 35GB by the end of 2026. Smartphones continue to be at the epicenter of this development as they generate most of the mobile data traffic – about 95 percent – today, a share that is projected to increase throughout the forecast period.”

Ericsson also mentions that there will be around 580 million 5G subscriptions around the world by the end of 2021. According to those figures, that is more than double the number of subscriptions that were recorded by the end of 2020, which were 220 million. By the end of 2026, those subscriptions are expected to reach 3.5 billion, which is a phenomenal increase, and it suggests that 5G penetration will become even more rampant in the coming years.

While the majority of regions are attempting to perfect the rollout of the slower but reliable sub-6GHz band’s reception, Apple wants mmWave to popularize. The technology giant has reportedly placed a large mmWave antenna order for the upcoming iPhone 13 family, suggesting that it wants this technology to be accessible for millions of customers outside of the U.S. as well.

If that was not enough, Apple engineers are also working for a 6G rollout, but it will take many years before the successor to 5G is officially here. If you wish to read the entire report, you can click on the source below to find out more.

News Source: Ericsson Mobility Report

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