AUKEY’S Omnia Series of Chargers Are the World’s Fastest – Can Top up Gadgets up to a 100W on a Single Connection

Omar Sohail
AUKEY’S Omnia Series of Chargers Are the World’s Fastest - Can Top up Gadgets up to a 100W on a Single Port

AUKEY has unveiled a new family of chargers called Omnia, with the intention that these are highly pocketable power bricks and are able to charge extremely fast. Turns out, these Omnia chargers can apparently accomplish both, so here’s everything you need to know.

AUKEY Claims Its New Omnia Chargers Are up to 66 Percent Smaller Than Stock 13-inch MacBook Pro Chargers, and Those Were Already Compact, to Begin With

AUKEY states that the new Omnia lineup feature Gallium-nitride integrated circuits or GaN, and these can sustain higher voltages than your regular silicon chips. This gives charger manufacturers more possibilities when it comes to delivering more power in smaller sizes. Sadly, since GaN technology is relatively new, it will be expensive, so don’t expect any Omnia charger to be stamped with an affordable price tag. Hopefully, when more and more OEMs start to churn out GaN products, we’ll get to see more affordable solutions down the road.

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According to AUKEY, these new Omnia chargers are up to 66 percent smaller than the stock 13-inch MacBook chargers, and if you’ve ever seen or used a MacBook, you’d know their power bricks are highly compact. More information surrounding the AUKEY Omnia range is that they are powered by OmniaChip, a custom piece of circuitry developed through collaboration with Navitas. All models also support the USB Power Delivery 3.0 standard.

As for the wattage figures, we’ve outlined those details below, depending on which charger you purchase. All models are wall chargers, in case you were wondering.

  • PA-B2: 61W PD
  • PA-B3: 65W Dual-Port PD
  • PA-B4: 65W Dual-Port PD
  • PA-B5: likely 100W PD
  • PA-B6: likely 100W Dual-Port PD

If your device is able to receive juice over USB-C, you can effortlessly connect them to any of the aforementioned products and call it a day. Sadly, AUKEY hasn’t stated the pricing details of the Omnia series, but says that they will go on sale from Q2 2020.

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