End of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold? AT&T Cancels Pre-Orders and Offers Customers a Small Compensation

AT&T cancels Samsung Galaxy Fold pre orders

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold appeared to be a very promising device and if it had become successful, the trend would allow other phone manufacturers to branch out to a completely new form factor apart from the ‘candy bar’ shape we’ve been used to seeing for so long.

However, it looks like that isn’t going to be the case as Samsung’s carrier partner in the U.S., AT&T has reportedly canceled the Galaxy Fold pre-orders and have also offered customers a form of compensation for waiting so long for their device to reach their doorstep. Looks like Samsung will need to tackle a few engineering hurdles and instill confidence in its customers that the foldable form factor is not yet done.

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AT&T Will Offers Customers a Small $100 Promo Card for Their Troubles

According to Tom’s Guide, who had placed their Galaxy Fold pre-order, received confirmation that AT&T was canceling it. The email was sent on June 12, with the image provided below. Additional details of the email stated that AT&T will also provide a $100 promotional card which will be sent to customers within 60 days. While customers might not complain about the promo card’s value, they will create a fuss that it will take around two months for a major carrier to compensate them after waiting a considerably long period for the device to reach them.

Before AT&T canceled its pre-order, Best Buy made the move first, which called into question concerning Samsung’s intentions of re-launching its first ever foldable smartphone. Samsung even stated that it managed to fix the issues emanating from Galaxy Fold, suggesting that the handset would be re-launched without the existing problems. Samsung has yet to give us an update on this matter, but the way its carrier partner has reacted, we don’t believe it will be arriving anytime soon.

The first crop of foldable smartphones are expected to be rife with design and other problems but at least Samsung has sufficient resources at its disposal to take a gamble, and address these problems in the form of a successor. We actually look forward to seeing how the Galaxy Fold 2 will look and perform, since we’re certain Samsung wouldn’t want the same problems to exist in the next iteration.

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News Source: Tom’s Guide

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