AT&T Touts $70 Million Nebraska Network Investment, Future 5G Small Cell Deployment Plans


Carrier AT&T (NYSE:T) recently entered into a shouting match with T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS), following the latter's announcement of providing first responders with free 5G coverage for ten years. AT&T's already got such a network called FirstNet, and T-Mobile's believes that AT&T is overcharging first responders through it. Now, a couple of days after AT&T's spokesperson stated that T-Mobile's decision to base its free 5G coverage conditional on a Sprint merger was dishonest, AT&T is out with some numbers. Take a look below for more details.

AT&T States That It Has Invested $70 Million In Nebraska's Wired & Wireless Networks In Two Years Between 2016 - 2018

In a press release, AT&T has revealed the scope of its 4G LTE investments in Nebraska. The company's numbers state that it invested $70 million into the state's wireless network infrastructure in the two years between 2016 and 2018. The release also mentions AT&T's FirstNet platform for providing cellular data packages and connectivity to first responders, and instead of making promises about 5G, the carrier is detailing how it continues to provide services to a vast majority of Americans.

T-Mobile is Shutting Down Sprint’s LTE Network Next Year

According to the data, AT&T (NYSE:T )undertook and executed 289 wireless upgrades in Nebraska's wireless network in 2018. The upgrades expand 4G LTE coverage in the region and improve overall speeds.

Courtesy: RCRWireless

While T-Mobile (NASDAQ:TMUS) and Sprint (NYSE:S) are yet to convince attorney generals of 22 states about the merits of their merger, AT&T is on its way towards securing approval for installing small cells in Nebraska. Dustin Blythe, director External Affairs AT&T Nebraska states that Nebraska governor Pete Ricketts' decision to approve small cell deployment throughout the state "encourages wireless companies such as AT&T to invest millions of dollars to build out their mobile broadband networks and enable residents to use the latest wireless technologies and devices while setting the stage for super-fast 5G technology in the future." Small cells will create 5G hotspots for indoor and outdoor usage and they are essential if carriers are to successfully utilize the new spectrum.

However, at a time when others are eager to tout the benefits of 5G coverage, AT&T's choice of highlighting the merits of its existing 4G LTE coverage speaks volumes. While 5G is the future, the advanced cellular connection capability will perform alongside 4G during the initial phases of its rollout. 4G LTE also ties in nicely with AT&T's FirstNet program, which is a public-private partnership between the carrier and the First Responder Network Authority. AT&T selected Viaero wireless as its partner earlier this year for FirstNet deployment across Rural Colorado and Nebraska.

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