Atomic Heart Is at the Stage of Polishing; Devs Confirm 2 Endings and Stable Performance on PS4


It's been a while since we've heard anything from Mundfish, the Russian developer behind Atomic Heart. This open world first-person shooter game impressed since its very first trailer with the graphics and atmosphere, and it's now on the radar of many gamers.

Thankfully, an updated FAQ was just posted on the official Discord. The first answer deals with the question of everyone's mind: the release date. While Mundfish did not say exactly when we'll play Atomic Heart, they did state it is now in the polishing phase, suggesting that all the content is in place.

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Unfortunately, we can’t say yet. Usually, developers are very careless about the release date, they postpone it and keep saying “tomorrow”. But everything is not as simple as it seems from the outside: the release date affects communication with publishers, it will affect the schedule of Xbox Game Pass, which Atomic Heart is a part of as well as featuring in stores and the global network of major releases (where everything is adjusted to fit each other).

In general, we cannot tell you the release date right now due to a million little nuances, starting with factors beyond our control (localization of the game into other languages), and ending with the mood and atmosphere within the team, which will obviously be worse if we eventually have to move this date.

But you should know the main thing: never before were we able to say “The game is ready, now it is at the stage of polishing and final assembly”. And now, quite recently, we said this phrase – and it is true. The long wait is almost over, we promise.

On the topic of multiple endings, Mundfish said fans can expect two, though the game's story will still be linear.

We have 2 endings. But we are not an RPG: Atomic Heart has a strict linear plot, and one should not expect incredible variability. We've put an important moral choice in the hands of the player closer to the finale, because we want to nudge the community to argue and discuss about the themes that we have laid out in the story. We want you to draw your own conclusions and make your own decision, not being influenced by forces from above.

The ever-burning question of performance was answered with the reassurance that the PlayStation 4, the best-selling console of the past generation, already runs the game at 'good, stable performance'. Hopefully, that bodes well for the other platforms, too.

We will answer this question closer to the release, because until the very last day we will be pushing to reduce the minimum system requirements of Atomic Heart, and we are not yet completely sure how far we can go. We want everyone to be able to play. On PS4, we have good stable performance, we are definitely not abandoning the pastgen version, and we are doing everything possible to optimize the game to please players with low hardware configurations.

Lastly, Mundfish revealed that the development of Atomic Heart actively began in 2018. The gameplay experience will be seamless (without loading screens) and DLCs will only be considered after the game's launch.