ASUS Posts Android Pie Update Roadmap


Android Pie is by no means 'new', but it is yet to find its way to several devices. Fragmentation is a serious problem that has plagued the platform ever since its inception. That's a topic for another day, though. Now, let's focus on some devices that will get the Android Pie update. Companies often post a roadmap detailing which devices are eligible for the update and when they'll get them. With Android Pie, companies such as Samsung and Sony have more or less stuck to the schedule, with the latter encountering some hiccups along the way. Today, ASUS posted their Android Pie roadmap detailing the list of devices that will get the update throughout this year.

ZenFone 4 Max (ZC554KL)
ZenFone 4 Selfie (ZD553KL)
ZenFone 4 Max (ZC520KL)
ZenFone Live (ZB553KL)
ZenFone4 Max (ZB520KL)
ZenFone Max Plus (M1) Clear Soft Bumper (ZB570TL)
ZenFone 5Q (ZC600KL)
ZenFone Live (L1) Clear Soft Bumper (ZA550KZ / ZA551KL)
ZenFone Max Pro (ZB602KL)
ZenFone Max Pro (ZB601KL)
ZenFone Max (M1) Clear Soft Bumper (ZB555KL / ZB556KL)
ZenFone 5 (ZE620KL)
ZenFone 5Z (ZS620KL)
ASUS ROG Phone (ZS600KL)
ZenFone Max Pro (M2) Clear Soft Bumper (ZB631KL/ ZB630KL)
ZenFone Max (M2) Clear Soft Bumper (ZB633KL / ZB632KL)

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ASUS posted the roadmap on their website in no particular order, so there's no way for us to determine which device gets the update first. It would be reasonable to assume that the ones that cost more get higher priority compared to their more reasonably-priced counterparts. The ASUS ROG Phone would be an ideal candidate to receive the update first, considering that it packs top-of-the-line hardware (with a price to match). It is also worth noting that some of the devices in the list such as the Zenfone 5 and 5Z have already received their Android Pie update. If you happen to own a device listed above, you can rest assured that you'll get the update...eventually.


News Source: ASUS