ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 is on sale right now for just over $114

Evan Federowicz

The ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 is on sale for 6% off, which drops the price from $154.99 to $144.99 until Monday (11/18/19). On top of this discount, there is a mail-in rebate for this which drops down the discounted price of $144.99 down to an amazing $114.99.

This ASRock X570 motherboard deal came right in time to upgrade before the Ryzen 9 3950X hits the shelves later this month.

With the Ryzen 9 3950X coming out later this month some PC builders are looking to upgrade their system with the newest in the Ryzen 3rd generation which might not need an upgrade but to get the most out of the 3950X most will upgrade to the X570 chipset.

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With that upgrade in mind, the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4 is on sale making it one of the cheapest X570 motherboards out on the market currently is just $114.99 (after mail-in rebate). This motherboard supports both Ryzen 2000 and Ryzen 3000 series with the socket of AM4 (although this should also work with a Ryzen 1000 Series processor with little to no issue), for the supported RAM is up to 128GB of DDR4 memory. The speed of this RAM does vary depending on the Ryzen 2000 series and Ryzen 3000 series, the Ryzen 2000 series has the supported speeds of 2133 MHz. 2400 MHz 2667 MHz or 2933 MHz, Ryzen 3000 series processors have the supported speeds of 3200 MHz, 2933 MHz, 2667 MHz, 2400 MHz or 2133 MHz.

With the X570 motherboard supporting PCIe 4.0 standards, this motherboard has one PCIe 4.0 slot it's the silver slot (the first on the motherboard). This means that this slot will be more versatile and have significantly more bandwidth compared to the previous PCIe 3.0 specification. Besides, this PCIe 4.0 slot there is another full-sized PCIe slot along with 2 separate PCIe miniature.

The I/O of this motherboard are eight total USB 3.0 ports along with a PS/2 port for all the peripherals examples being mice or keyboards. Along with a DisplayPort and HDMI port if you pick one of the Ryzen processors that does include integrated graphics.

At $114.99, this is an amazing price for the X570 chipset motherboards. If you are looking to upgrade your system and need to upgrade your system then the ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming 4  might just be the perfect motherboard for you!

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