ASRock Announced The DeskMini Max Concept PC, Featuring a Compact 10L Size

Evan Federowicz
DeskMini Max

ASRock has announced its 10L concept PC called the DeskMini Max for the AMD platform, and this concept PC features a compact design that still offers support for powerful CPUs and discrete GPUs. In addition, this PC can offer incredible performance thanks to the ability to upgrade its internal components and the larger internal space to allow for a discrete GPU inside this compact PC.

ASRock's newest compact PC called the DeskMini Max features a wide range of applications, including mini workstations or a gaming PC

The design of the DeskMini Max is similar to the predecessor that is fairly simple and can feature a white or black color scheme to be fit into your gaming setup. In addition, the front of this compact PC features four USB Type-A ports and a single USB Type-C port.

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Source: ASRock

Inside, the DeskMini Max can accommodate various PC components, ranging from 3.5" HDD, a PCIe card, 5.25" ODD, or a single radiator liquid cooler. This allows for a much higher level of customization to your PC without having to worry if your new components will fit inside your case. This compact PC can support various processors ranging from the Ryzen 2000 series all the way up to the Ryzen 5000 series with a maximum wattage of 105-watts.

It offers a single M.2 SSD, two SATA ports, and a total of USB ports, including the four USB Type-A ports located on the front panel. It can support up to three monitors without having to add an extra graphics card, although, for more powerful uses like gaming, you'll want to add a discrete GPU.

Source: ASRock

The DeskMini Max comes with a customized 500-watt power supply that features an 80 Plus Bronze certification, which ensures that it still features an efficiency of up to 80% even during max workloads. This power supply features customized cables to ensure that you have enough length to reach your components without needing to have extra length lying around to improve the airflow.

ASRock has yet to release any information regarding any pricing information or when this new compact PC will be available for purchase.

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