Armello, Strategic RPG Board Game Out Today, Gorgeous Graphics and Fantastic Gameplay


Armello, a most unique game has finally launched today on PS4, and leaves Steam's Early Access on PC with many great refinements.

Armello exemplifies the best of many genres in one gorgeously done game.

The final release of Armello has been much improved since the last version in Early Access, with better multiplayer matchmaking, enhanced graphics and the addition of a winter themed game board to explore. So far it as a very positive reception with over 379 user reviews.

Armello cleverly brings to life and merges together classic board games, collectable card games and even adds in a dash of RPG flair for good measure. You'll have to plan your moves very carefully while exploring the procedural generated kingdom game board around you, choosing to quest or go directly to the heart of the matter, killing the king who's been afflicted with Rot, a powerful dark force.

You'll be able to choose between eight different heroes spread across four separate clans; Bear, Rabbit, Rat and Wolf to face off against the initially very powerful king.

There are many ways in which to win the game, either by building up your own strength by completing quests, or by attempting to gain the kings favor and then waiting for him to die, becoming the rightful heir. One can also quest for the four Spirit Stones which can also restore the balance and peace to the land or even become evil and acquire more rot than the king has, thus becoming more powerful.

Game Features

  • Pick-up-and-play simplicity while maintaining the depth of turn-based strategy
  • Experience a new procedurally-generated board every match
  • Choose from eight playable characters, each with their own unique play styles
  • Explore over 200 dynamic quests to earn items, cards or stat bonuses
  • Collect and play more than 120 beautifully animated cards
  • Select one of two game modes - single player or online multiplayer for up to four players
  • Conquer Armello in four ways - Combat, Prestige, Spirit Stone or Rot

It's available now on Steam for $19.99 and on the PSN for $19.99 or $13.99 for PlayStation Plus members.