Are You Still Holding on to Windows 7? [Poll Results]

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Earlier this week, Microsoft announced hitting a new milestone for Windows 10. The operating system that has managed to receive quite some news time since its release is now running on over 800 million active devices. Released in the summer of 2015, Windows 10 is Microsoft's latest desktop operating system that transformed the company's OS efforts with a Windows-as-a-Service model.

Are you still on Windows 7? Wccftech poll results

Since the release of the original Windows 10 in 2015, Microsoft has released another six versions to the operating system and almost all of these have attracted their own fair share of controversies and user complaints. From the initial privacy-focused complaints and concerns to update-related issues, Windows 10 and its users have had to endure a lot.

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Due to this or the decades-long association with Windows 7, a significant portion of Windows 7 users refuse to upgrade to the latest operating system. Microsoft's latest Windows 10 October 2019 Update hasn't helped with that image since the company had to pull the update back after releasing it to the public and receiving data loss complaints.

But exactly how bad is the problem? On our poll (active), at the time of writing, we have received 5265 votes with 64% voting for "no" and 36% voting for still running Windows 7 on their machines.

Are you still on Windows 7?

While this poll is in no way an accurate picture of the real world, considering our tech-aware community that doesn't always hit on the "update/upgrade" button, it does show a prevalent love for Windows 7.

Since the version 1809 disaster, the Windows maker has promised to resolve the update-related issues and make full use of its Insider community to iron out bugs, however, some users remain on the fence.

But with Windows 7 meeting its end of service deadline in January 2020, things will get even more serious since Microsoft won't be delivering any security patches to the older OS. While there is quite an expensive add-on support plan for enterprises (costs a minimum of $25 per device per year with the price doubling each year), this won't be available to Home users. This will definitely help Microsoft gain some more Windows 10 users ahead of the expiry date, especially since other tech companies have also started to vouch for the security that Windows 10 provides.

What is keeping you on Windows 7? Or, more accurately, what is keeping you away from Windows 10? Do let us know your thoughts on this potentially Android-like fragmentation that Microsoft is dealing with.

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