Windows 7 Can Enjoy Chrome for a Little Longer


Google has announced extending Chrome support for Windows 7 to help with the migration process that seems to be taking longer than Microsoft had hoped. While Windows 10 has finally hit its goal of 1 billion active devices, Windows 7 isn't ready to move on, and the pandemic hasn't helped the process.

To support devices that may have to stick to this operating system for a myriad of reasons, Google has now announced extending Chrome for Windows 7 support until at least January 15, 2022. Previously, the ad giant had promised support until July 15, 2021.

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"After assessing the current situation, and based on feedback from our valued enterprise customers, Chrome is extending our support for Windows 7 until at least January 15, 2022," Chrome's Engineering Director, Max Christoff, wrote.

"Our hope is that this extension gives our enterprise customers the flexibility they need to continue supporting their workforce, while moving off of Windows 7 as their situation allows."

In its blog post, Google also shared that the global migration to Windows 10 hit a bit of a block due to the pandemic. "Migrating to Windows 10 was a part of many organizations’ roadmap for the year," it reads. "But as new priorities for IT teams emerged, we’ve heard that 21% of organizations are still in the process of migrating to Windows 10.

With this extension of support, enterprises with their upgrades still in progress can rest assured that their users remaining on Windows 7 will continue to benefit from Chrome’s security and productivity benefits. IT teams can also take advantage of Chrome’s existing enterprise capabilities and future roadmap, including our continued investment in cloud management, enterprise security capabilities, and our plans to integrate more closely with the broader ecosystem across the operating system versions.

It seems Google is planning to extend this support further. Christoff said that the company will "continue to evaluate the conditions our enterprise customers are facing, and communicate any additional changes in the future."

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