Apple’s 27-Inch mini-LED Display No Longer Coming in June, Might Launch Later This Year


Apple launched its latest Studio Display a few months back which was widely appraised for its quality and design. However, it did not feature a mini-LED panel, allowing the company to keep its price low compared to the Pro Display XDR. Moreover, it was also previously rumored that Apple will launch a new display in June which will feature a mini-LED panel. According to the latest, Apple's upcoming 27-inch mini-LED display has been delayed due to the Shanghai lockdown. Scroll down to read more details on when Apple might potentially release the display.

Apple's Forthcoming 27-Inch mini-LED Display Delayed, Analyst Suggests an October Launch

In a new tweet, display analyst Ross Young states that Apple supplier Quanta Computer is working on moving the production of the mini-LED display to another location. This ultimately poses a potential delay for the display. According to Young, Apple will launch the 27-inch mini-LED display in October of this year. Previously, the display was rumored to arrive in June, potentially at the company's WWDC event.

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There are a few advantages of mini-LED display that Apple's Studio Display fails to provide due to hardware limitations. The mini-LED display will bring Apple's ProMotion technology and variable refresh rate up to 120Hz to the table. This is something that the Studio Display lacks. Apple could market the 27-inch mini-LED display as "Studio Display Pro" but it is unclear if the company will move ahead with the branding.

Since the current Studio Display costs $1,599, we can safely presume that the upcoming 27-inch mini-LED will cost more. However, we are looking at Apple to price the display less than the Pro Display XDR. Take note that the final word rests with Apple, so be sure to take the news with a pinch of salt. We will keep you updated on the latest, so do stick around.

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