Apple Will Produce Twice As Many 2018 iPhone 9 Units As The iPhone X(s) And iPhone X(s) Plus


We're off to an interesting start for the 2018 iPhone lineup this week. It's widely rumored that Apple will launch three iPhone this year. Two of these will feature OLED displays and directly succeed the iPhone X in specifications. The third, will feature an LCD panel and be a low-cost alternative for customers looking to get their hands on Apple's latest smartphone hardware. Now, we've got some more speculation for the trio. Take a look below for more details.

Rosenblatt Securities Downgrade Their Production Estimates For The iPhone 9, iPhone X(s) And iPhone X(s) Plus Amidst Claims Of Apple's Suppliers Facing Production Problems With LCD Panels

Right now, some supply chain sources believe that Apple has shifted its attention to the 6.5" iPhone X(s) Plus. LG and Japan Display, Apple's LCD suppliers for the iPhone 9 are facing yield problems on panels with the True Depth camera setup. Therefore, for the time being, Apple has now increased its OLED orders from Samsung which has experience with the iPhone's components for 3D facial recognition.

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Amidst all this, Rosenblatt Securities' Jun Zhang is back today with revised production estimates for the 2018 iPhone lineup from Apple. Since the start of the year, it's expected that Apple will lay the burden of sales on the LCD iPhone 9, as the company looks to cast the iPhone net as wide as possible and entice users to upgrade.

While Zhang remains sure that Apple will produce 110 million units of the iPhone 9, iPhone X(s) and iPhone X(s) Plus this year, he's changing the contribution of OLED and LCD devices to this mixture.

Alleged schematics for the iPhone 9.

Rosenblatt's initial prediction expected Apple to produce 60 million units of the LCD iPhone 9 and 50 million units of the iPhone X(s) and iPhone X(s) Plus. Now, Zhang expects that Apple will produce 75-80 million units of the LCD device and 30-33 million units of the OLED devices. Out of these, 15 million will belong to the 5.8" iPhone X(s) and the remainder to the iPhone X(s) Plus. This increased emphasis on the larger smartphone follows in line with some earlier reports from Apple's supply chain that surfaced today.

Finally, Zhang's production estimates are higher than his shipment estimates for the 2018 iPhone lineup, which stand at 85 million. As we head near September, component leaks for the iPhone 9, iPhone X(s) and iPhone X(s) Plus will start to increase. It's around this time that a concrete picture for the device will start to form. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

News Source: Jun Zhang