Apple Watch Series 7 Does Not Have a Hidden Diagnostic Port, Might Use Wireless Data Transfer

Ali Salman
Apple Watch Series 7 DIagnostic Port

The Apple Watch Series 7 is finally here but it still has to reach the hands of the customers. Despite the bigger display, the Apple Watch Series 7 is pointing towards an 'S' year upgrade. This is due to the fact that the Series 7 does not change a whole lot when it comes to functionality but adds to the existing experience. If you remember, the Apple Watch featured a hidden Diagnostic port on the bottom. With the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple has eliminated the Diagnostic port. This means that the company will use wireless data transfer instead.

The Diagnostic Port is Gone With the Apple Watch Series 7 as Apple Will Use Wireless Data Transfer Instead

Located at the bottom band slot, the Diagnostic port is now gone with the Apple Watch Series 7 (via MacRumors). As its name suggests, Apple used the port for diagnostic purposes when the wearable came for service. For instance, it could be used to restore watchOS using a wired connection. If the Diagnostic port on the Apple Watch is gone with the Series 7, it means that Apple will now be making use of wireless data transfer. This explains the new 60.5Hz wireless data transfer module.

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According to FCC filings, the wireless data transfer module will only be activated if the Apple Watch Series 7 is placed on a proprietary magnetic dock with the same frequency module. This will allow Apple to perform diagnostics like restoring watchOS wirelessly instead of a wired connection. The reason why the Apple Watch Series 7 does not house a Diagnostic port is potentially due to the fact that it is IP6X-rated dust resistant.

Apple Watch Series 7 Diagnostic Port

The Series 7 will begin arriving at customers on Friday, October 15, The Apple Watch Series 7 reviews are also now live on YouTube, so you can check that out as well if you have not already. Apple is also hosting another event on Monday, October 18 where it will unveil the new M1X powered MacBook Pro models.

This is all there is to it, folks. What are your thoughts on the subject? Let us know in the comments.

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