Apple Watch 2 Will Most Likely Feature Massive Changes From The Inside


Apple Watch 2 is expected to be announced later during the year, and according to the latest report, the wearable is expected to feature several upgrades from the hardware side of things.


Aesthetics Might Not See A Radical Change As Apple Watch 2 Is Expected Later In 2016

Apple Watch shipments have declined more than 25 percent year-over-year in comparison to 2015, and Apple might have noticed that, which lead to the wearable being priced at $299. With the imminent announcement of Apple Watch 2, the company will be hoping to turn the tide in its favor. Despite sporting an impressive and fluid watchOS, the biggest grip of owning an Apple was its egregious battery life, which hardly last the user a single day of use.

With Apple Watch 2, it is expected that the wearable is going to sport new materials, indicating that Apple could be extending its partnership beyond companies like Hermes. In short, the cosmetic value of the upcoming Apple Watch will definitely be given an upgrade, but not as much as the hardware side of things. As a result, we could see that battery life given a sizable upgrade, which would obviously compel a lot of wearable fanatics to invest in the successor.

Apple Watch 2

We did list several things that we want to see in Apple Watch 2, so let us hope that the tech giant takes a glance at what we are hoping to see from it. From the rumor side of things, Apple Watch 2 is expected to feature a FaceTime video camera, an expansion of its Wi-Fi capabilities, and new model tiers. If you’ve been holding yourself back from buying an Apple Watch just because it’s a tad bit expensive, then you’ll be pleased to know that the Apple Watch now starts at $299 for the 38mm model. Of course, you have to put in more cash if you’re opting for a higher-end model because the 42mm model now starts at $349.

While we do agree that the new price point at $299 is favorable for a lot of people, its price is equivalent to that of a high-end price/performance Android handset, so consumers who are eager to check for notifications and other details without having to grab their device from their pockets incessantly will definitely see the wearable as a huge convenience. What sort of upgrades are you expecting from Apple Watch 2?

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