Apple Watch Is Nearly Out of Stock – Company Prepping for Imminent Arrival of Apple Watch 2

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch nearly out of stock

It’s been nearly two years since the successor of the Apple Watch came out, and that much time naturally means that the tech giant had plenty of time on its hands to improve the limitations of its first ever wearable. The dangerously low stock levels of Apple Watch also give indication that Apple Watch 2, the improved iteration of the company’s wearable lineup could be announced alongside the iPhone 7 family.

Apple Watch Stock Levels Might Not Get Replenished in Anticipation of Apple Watch 2 Announcement

A variety of Apple Watch Sport models have been listed as ‘Sold Out’ on Apple’s website, which is sufficient evidence that Apple is planning a much better product for its upcoming keynote.

The chipset present in the upcoming wearable will be a far better performer compared to the Apple S1. The S1 was manufactured by Samsung on the 28nm architecture, and ran at a maximum speed of 520MHz. The larger manufacturing node resulted in complaints regarding its battery life. With its successor inbound, possibly during the month of September, Apple S2 is going to be manufactured on the 16nm FinFET architecture courtesy of TSMC, which will allow the processor to run at a much higher maximum clock speed while maintaining a healthy battery life.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch 2 is also said to employ the use of a One Glass Solution instead of a Glass on Glass solution, and here’s the most accurate description concerning the two terms. The One Glass Solution tech effectively eliminates one of the layers of glass from a traditional Glass on Glass display, which possesses two pieces of glass, and replaces it with a single layer with a thinner material. This switch in solutions could allow Apple to gain a small amount of space, and a larger battery could be added.

As for the other features, the software is said to be the company’s customized watchOS 3, which covers a variety of updates and brings about brand new features in order to simplify the experience. Another attribute belonging to Apple Watch 2 that will improve battery life is the incorporation of MicroLEDs. MicroLEDs possess the following advantages over traditional LCD panels, and we are sure that it will provide the much needed battery life boost that were rife with the original Apple Watch.

Apple Watch (2)

  1. Richer colors
  2. Faster refresh rates
  3. Lowered power consumption
  4. Thinner size

With all of these upgrades, it’s possible that Apple Watch 2 carries a larger price than its predecessor. With stock levels being at dangerously low levels, it would be a better idea to wait for the future wearable, as you never know what sort of upgrades you might be missing out on.


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