Apple Watch 2 Is Not Coming With Cellular Connectivity Features – Will Sport Other Upgrades Though

Omar Sohail
Apple Watch 2 no cellular connectivity

According to a new report, the upcoming Apple Watch 2 is not going to provide support for cellular connectivity and as much as wanted the wearable to severe its dependency from the iPhone, looks like we will have to wait for the next iteration to sport that feature.

Apple Watch 2 Might Be Without Cellular Connectivity but Other Worthy Features Will Be Present

It’s possible that Apple might be running into roadblocks while attempting to incorporate a cellular modem inside its upcoming Apple Watch 2 because the wearable market hasn’t matured enough for tech giants to proceed with this particular upgrade. Sure, take the Galaxy Gear S2 3G variant comes with a 3G modem, but its minuscule 300mAh cell is insufficient to last it for a single day with the connectivity enabled.

With Apple S1 being manufactured by Samsung on the 28nm architecture, and running at a maximum speed of 520MHz, the larger manufacturing node resulted in complaints regarding its battery life. Even without a cellular modem, the wearable wouldn’t last for a single day according to countless reviews, and that’s where the improvement starts.

Apple S2 is going to be manufactured on the 16nm FinFET architecture courtesy of TSMC, which will allow the processor to run at a much higher maximum clock speed while maintaining a healthy battery life. Apple will also gain additional freedom to incorporate a larger sized battery. This is because Apple Watch 2 is also said to use a One Glass Solution instead of a Glass on Glass solution.

The new solution will eliminate one of the layers of glass from a traditional Glass on Glass display, which possesses two pieces of glass, and will replace it with a single layer with a thinner material. This tiny, but effective switch could allow Apple to gain a small amount of space, and the most prudent approach at this time would be to place in a larger cell.

The company’s customized watchOS 3 is said to offer a lot of new features, and coupled that with GPS for improved navigation and fitness tracking, we’re going to get ourselves quite a worthy upgrade from Apple. It’s also been reported that the company could switch to using MicroLEDs as part of the display. This display will be more efficient and will give the company additional leeway to reduce the thickness of the wearable, but is along the lines of what the Cupertino tech firm strives to achieve.

It’s possible that Apple Watch 2 is announced alongside the iPhone 7 family, and we’ll have all the major updates available for you at that particular time frame.


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