The Apple Watch 2 Will Feature Cellular Connectivity Claims Source As Company’s Q1 Earnings Draw Near

With things heading rather slowly towards Apple's WWDC 2016 rather slowly, we're starting to hear some interesting news surface about the Apple Watch lately. The current Apple Watch comes with a number of limitations, which make pairing an iPhone absolutely essential with the device. But looks like Apple might be finally shifting gears on the gadget, as starting June, only native apps will be required for watchOS 2. While this was interesting news in its own accord, today we're seeing some more interesting claims that paint a brighter future for the lineup.

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Apple To Introduce Processor Upgrades And Cellular Connectivity On The Apple Watch 2

The current Apple Watch comes with a variety of features that make the gadget a good device on its own. The majority of these are related to fitness, as having an Apple Watch eliminates the need of an iPhone to track user activity. Apart from this however, connectivity on the wearable has been a major issue, with the only wireless connectivity that the current model does offer being through Wi-Fi connections existing on the corresponding iPhone.

All of this could soon change if today's report from the Wall Street Journal turns out to be correct. According to the Journal, the successor for the Apple Watch is indeed under the works at Apple and the company's looking to make several critical upgrades to the gadget as well. These start from the basic processor upgrades that you'd expect from any updated iteration of a gadget lineup. We're likely to see the Apple S2 make it on board the device, but as far as technical specifications of the chipset go, there's little word on the rumor mill.


The more interesting bit about today's report is that we'll also be getting cellular connectivity on the device, marking a much needed upgrade for the wearable lineup. This connectivity should completely separate the need for an iPhone, except in unique circumstances such as using Apple Pay. It should also provide users with the much needed internet connectivity and expand its current uses significantly as well.

Of course the need of cellular connectivity on a wearable depends on the personal preferences of any user, so there should be other changes on board as well. Current word on the street is that we'll be getting minor design changes, which fall in line with today's report as well. Of course, there's no tentative timeline to be followed yet for the release of the Apple Watch 2, so you should expect more things to surface in the meanwhile. We'll keep you updated as they do. Stay tuned and let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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